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If you a unique gift for your best friend

Next is tying the forward knots (f/k) with the red string on the violet string. Then tie anther f/k with pink string on white string. Repeat this until the pink string has been hot tied all the way across the other strings. Remember to tie double knots. The Pink string should be on the right […]

Letters, greeting cards, postcards – the heartfelt gestures and the most

The modern dictionary states that it is the science and technology of automatic measurement and relaying of data by wire, radio, or other means from remote sources, as from space vehicles, to receiving stations or system designers or operators for recording and analysis. The primary purpose of any telemetry system is to gather data at […]

Clarify areas of disagreement and search

As a general rule, ignoring some theoretical discussion, technical training can be defined as risk = complexity divided by training. As a formula, R =C/T, meaning the more training, the less risk. And the more complexity, the more exposed risk. Some engineers will argue that they can build in complexity and redundancy that minimizes risk. […]