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Dish Network also provides great hardware which can make television viewing more manageable and enjoyable

We live in a push button world with all types of gadgets. Video games are so much fun. We used to ride bikes using pedals, and now they ride them on screens with controllers. A conference call would have been a thing of the future, but phones have come a long way too. We now […]

Some examples of communication plans that I have used are below:

Also, the recent boom of online dating has made calling cards a great way to get to know people more intimately all over the world. Talking to someone in a chat room is one thing. But actually being able to get to know that person on the phone is totally different. The person of your […]

The other day our dispatch center called our computer office

Now when I write my articles and my e-books I use my middle initial. I am hoping that this will straighten out the huge name game mess that has been created. I am just one person. How many more people have been mixed up and land where ever the powers to be have aimed. If […]