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Some junk emails are put together pretty good and they can teach you a lot about copywriting. Some are blatant junk though especially the ones advertising things like Viagra, organ enlargement, or even penny stock picks. I use Outlook Express to receive emails and I have a lot of filters in place, rules. But when the text is embedded into an html email for some reasons the rules I have set up have just decided to ignore these messages and let them fill up my Inbox.

We are! We’re killing our language. All of us! And as a marketing type, I have to plead guilty to aiding the process. Words no longer mean what they once meant. Take “new” for instance. In the language of marketing, “new” no longer means brand spankin’ new. It can mean just a different color, a different package, a slightly different formula. But truly new? Not really. And marketers aren’t the only guilty ones.

These are just some of the ways to save money on long distance. One of the best ways to find something that will work for you is to research plans available in your area, or even better, ask friends and family what they use. Chances are, some of them have excellent cheap long distance and they will be more than happy to share their secrets on savings with you!

Poor customer service from a vendor can result in an entire office being off-line or unable to receive normal call volume for hours, or even days. Few companies really specialize in providing prompt, personal solutions in this market.

The ease of communication is terrific-we have phones, email, voice mail, speakerphone, text messaging-the list goes on and on. Do you see writing a letter in that list?

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