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The modern dictionary states that it is the science and technology of automatic measurement and relaying of data by wire, radio, or other means from remote sources, as from space vehicles, to receiving stations or system designers or operators for recording and analysis. The primary purpose of any telemetry system is to gather data at a place that is remote or inconvenient, and to report the data back to a “point of contact” where the information is evaluated. Telemetry refers to wireless communications, and is used generally in testing of moving vehicles such as cars, aircraft, missiles and satellites. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), European Space Agency (ESA) and other space agencies employ telecommand systems to gather data from orbiting spacecraft and satellites. Telemetry is also used in applications such as electric and water meter reading.

Completely cordless, the The Plantronics CT12 is a one-line 2.4 GHz telephone system. Its ultra compact remote dialer unit makes it possible for you to make or receive calls more than one hundred feet from the wireless headset base unit with great digital sound and security.
This wireless headset telephone has a display for your caller ID, a speed dial feature as well as redial capability, a mute button and volume control.

The pager has a LCD screen which displays the phone number or text message you are receiving. The simplicity or complexity of the kind of message the pager can receive depends, in part, on whether it is a numeric pager or an alphanumeric pager. If it is numeric, the caller’s numeric message is what you receive (usually their phone number for you to call them back). If you have an alphanumeric pager, a text message is transmitted to you by a carrier operator’s transcription of a telephonic message. Or text can be sent to you through an alpha entry terminal or a modem. Other options are two-way pagers which function through a PCS band, and interactive pagers which are like tiny computers, allowing telephone-free communications.

When you are not aware of what the other person’s needs or if you are not listening carefully to the message the other is stating, conflict occurs. This unconscious behavior is what stops you from maximizing the results in conversations. When a person actively works at these different communication habits and skills, better results and less stress occurs in the conversation process.

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