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As a general rule, ignoring some theoretical discussion, technical training can be defined as risk = complexity divided by training. As a formula, R =C/T, meaning the more training, the less risk. And the more complexity, the more exposed risk. Some engineers will argue that they can build in complexity and redundancy that minimizes risk. I’d argue that. The general tendency on many systems is to build IT that only has a “red warning light” type signal that works similar to a car warning engine light. Instead of having five different gauges, the output is summed to one red light. From operational point of view, this makes it easier for operators or technicians to be alerted that something is wrong, meaning they have less complexity, less objects to keep track of. There is a downside though. This makes it difficult to identify what exactly is causing the problem. As a manager of technology, you need to keep aware of dumbing-down your staff into just “red light watchers”.

Do you have a computer and a broadband Internet connection? If so, you can take advantage of one of the VOIP (voice over IP) services that have taken the market by storm.

Finally, in today’s wireless world it is possible to detect digital blue tooth eavesdropping. There are spy bug detectors that can help you avoid being spied on with wireless devices, and with blue tooth technology. There are even state of the art detectors that switch between detecting digital bugs and analog bugs. With all that is available, you can easily avoid any eavesdropping by utilizing spy bug detectors.

It makes sense that telecom auditing success and eventual cost savings is directly related to the initial data that is collected. This data is then thoroughly reviewed/analyzed during the entire audit process. Telecom data that is NOT collected obviously cannot be analyzed, and that could result in limited savings over the course of the entire audit. As they say, “garbage in, garbage out.”
I have been on the Net for a very long time and these days even with all the SPAM filters either I still get the junk or some emails that I may be expecting get filtered and put into the junk folder. I have not decided to get an email just for personal contacts. I originally thought about getting a free Yahoo email address but after trying it out for several months I noticed a lot more junk being added to the junk I was already getting. Because of this I now have a private email address on one of the websites I created.

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