Some examples of communication plans that I have used are below:

Also, the recent boom of online dating has made calling cards a great way to get to know people more intimately all over the world. Talking to someone in a chat room is one thing. But actually being able to get to know that person on the phone is totally different. The person of your dreams could very well be living on the other side of the world. Calling cards have given people the unique opportunity to explore relationships with people on the other side of the world.

The following are some barriers that affect our ability to listen: 1. Preoccupation with your own thoughts can prevent you from hearing and becoming involved in what others are saying. 2. Hostility or anger may be carried over from a recent experience and distort the message. 3. Emotionally charged words in a message may block listening or “turn you off.” 4. A perceived difference in power of status between sender and receiver may cause communication problems. 5. Stereotyping a speaker’s appearance, accent, or speech pattern can obstruct communication. 6. The physical environment may present noise or visual distractions. Keep these in mind next time you are in the position to listen.

Continuing with the Gum example, the purchaser could then be tracked if he/she ever entered that same store again, or perhaps more frightening, if they entered any other store with RFID reading capability. Because unlike a barcode, RFID can be read at a distance of up to a few yards. Meaning that if you enter a store with a pack of gum in your pocket, the reader can identify that pack of gum, the time and date you bought it, where you bought it, and how frequently you come into the store. If you used a credit card or a frequent shopper card to purchase it, the manufacturer and store could also tie that information to your name, address, and email. You could then receive targeted advertisements by gum companies as you walk down the aisle, or receive mailings through your e-mail or snail mail about other products.

My 22 years experience in business management has taught me that building rapport and respect for people with different personalities and different viewpoints is imperative.

A main objective is to develop positive communication style by building the rapport with others. This is a large part of getting the ideas across in a constructive, collaborative manner with mutual respect.

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