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There yesterday, here today, travelling is such an easy trip too.
You can go on chatting as though the person you are conversing with is right in front of you even if he may be in another continent.
But despite the fact that the use of latest technologies is on the rise, with everyone preferring the easier ride, type a few words and mail it in a click of a mouse, wish somebody in the form of ecards, sms’ ,etc, Letters and greeting cards still have the most personal effect on the receiver on the other end.The content may not be much but it says a lot about how much you care.Of course, emails and ecards are nice ways of showing you care too but when it comes to relating to people personally it is letters and greeting cards that still rule. They have this power of making people feel closer to you and seem to hold a bigger meaning.

The U.S. Search and Rescue Task Force uses group pagers to contact volunteers immediately when they are needed. Chief officers activate the group pagers all at the same time, relaying necessary location and transport information instantly, thus saving hours that might be wasted in rounding everyone up.

So why do people lie to the press in the first place? You’d think that the most obvious answer would be because they have something to hide. In actuality many times lies are told inadvertently. Here are common examples and the ways in which to avoid these mistakes before it destroys your reputation: ยท

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In the 1960’s, telephones were so much a part of the landscape that Bell
Telephone could no longer continue to use the alpha-numeric codes for telephone
exchanges (remember using numbers like Normandy-7610?) and switched to longer,
all numeric numbers. At the same time, transatlantic cables were being laid to
accommodate the increased demand for intercontinental telephone communication.

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