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Not knowing what to say when a reporter phones. Two examples come to mind. First it’s always tough being a business owner because sometimes crises arise. When they do surface, it’s difficult to know what to say to anyone, let alone a reporter. Second, it can be equally difficult to conduct interviews with the press if you’re either a new business owner or you’ve only had limited exposure to media interviews. In either case, it’s simply unnecessary to lie, because if you know yourself and your business inside out, then you will have plenty to say. When in doubt about a question, ask the reporter to clarify then give the straightest answer possible, and only elaborate if you feel comfortable doing so.

A dynamic and impressive leading-edge coach and consultant, Cheryl has combined extensive business management experience with her highly regarded talent as a certified coach to helping entrepreneurs and businesses improve productivity, cut costs by over 25% and find that elusive extra time in the day for family and friends.

Fiber optics move sound at the speed of light
Fiber Optic Cables were first used for telephone transmission in 1977, when
both GTE and AT&T laid Fiber Optic lines in Chicago and Boston. By the
mid-1980’s, fiber optic cable was the preferred method of telephone
transmission, since it could carry a much higher volume of calls with much less
interference. Since it also carries information faster and farther and resists
lightning strikes, the advantages soon became obvious to the computer and other
industries as well.

In today’s interconnected world, long distance phone service is more important than ever before. People find themselves needing to call businesses, friends and family spread all over the country or world, and the related phone bills can be difficult to handle at the end of the month. Thankfully, there are many companies dedicated to providing cheap long distance service options – it’s just a matter of finding the right one for you!

Looking my name up on the Internet I have become accustomed to the name mix up. It makes me wonder how much more information is in complete chaos out on the Internet. What if your name was Smith, Jones or Brown. I can’t even begin to imagine the tangle of articles in this mix.

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