Invent options for mutual gain

Now there are some benefits to getting junk mail that I want to go over in some detail. I used to collect all the junk email because I figured if the subject line was good enough to get my attention then chance are it would do the same for other people. I also look at the bodies of the message looking for good ad copy. There are hundreds of books and courses out there teaching you about copywriting but how do you know what actually works?

With VOIP services, you generally pay a flat monthly fee to make unlimited local and long distance calls. This fee is often much lower than a traditional phone bill. Customers sign up for this service, and can usually keep their same phone number. They receive an adapter from their company of choice, which enables them to make and receive calls using their computer lines, rather than standard phone lines. While the technology is still somewhat new, it is growing in popularity every day.

While the majority of users still have analog cell phones, the new frontier
is definitely digital. Rather than using a continuous wavelength for
transmission, digital chops up the wave into discreet bytes of information and
sends them in “pulses” of data. The up side to this is that digital signals tend
to be more secure when transmitted than analog. It’s also a more efficient use
of bandwidth and provides clearer, cleaner sound quality. If you transmit video
clips or photos (like with the new video or picture cell phones) digital is much
faster, and will be the choice hands-down when you’re integrating the cell phone
and the Internet.

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