If you are involved in surveillance on other people

Use fine grit sand paper on the last half inch of the coil wire to remove the enamel. You have to be careful not to break the wire. Slip the tubing over each end of the wire for insulation purposes. Then, solder the ends of the mini phone plug to the coil wire. Use tie wraps to secure the cable to the tap, and insulate solder joints with electrical tape. Slip one (and one only) of the phone conductor circuit through the split core. You can then attach the core to a tape recorder to record all conversations that you wish.

You can store a number of messages in your pager – which include the time and date the message was sent – and some have expanded memory to allow you to store even more. This way you can keep hot phone numbers and information you will need again.

Pagers run a long time on a small battery. One reason is that pagers function through the use of data blocks called codewords. There is a decoder that can determine whether the incoming codewords are for your pager or not and shut
off if they are not. Thus, the battery’s life is extended.

Access Number: The billing also depends on whether one calls a local access dial in number or a toll free number. Usually a caller realizes very less number of minutes if he calls a toll free number. It is advisable calling the local dial-in number as it works out cheaper compared to the toll free number.

One of the most important shifts in telephone history was the launch of the
first telephone satellite in July of 1962. TelStar was a joint venture between
Bell and NASA and revolutionized telephone communications like nothing that had
come before. Satellites in geosynchronous orbit could now be used for long
distance calls without the need for laying endless lines of cable and did away
with the problem of frequent cable damage and repair.

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