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I scrambled to find the problem. Using Ethereal, I captured some data on the CAD network vlan, nothing there. Then I captured data on the other ports of the switch. Whoa, massive amounts of data flooding the network. Aha, this must be what is slowing it down! But what was it, all this UDP traffic? Soon the deluge of data stopped, but dispatch was not quite satisfied.
“What can we do to prevent this next time?” the dispatch operator asked me.
“Well, we can discuss it, after I find out what it was. But there are some things we can do. One is to buy a dedicated network switch for CAD users, and separate the CAD network.”

Do you have a cell phone? This is a great way to save on long distance. Many cell phone companies offer great long distance rates, on both domestic and international calls. A simple check of your cell phone provider’s available plans (either on their Web site or by calling customer service) will help you find the best deals. Many companies offer unlimited long distance on nights and weekends – if you can limit your calls to these times, you stand to save a lot of money. In recent times, cell phone companies have started to provide better international long distance rates, as well. If this is something you need, be sure to ask about special offers and new rate plans. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Because the most popular listening devices are RF (radio frequency) bugs, it is important to make use of RF spy bug detectors. Choose a sensitive model with good bandwidth and circuitry. It is good to have one that can pick up a wide range of frequencies so that you are not missing a bug, and then feel confident that it has been removed. Of course, if you are in an area where there is a great deal of ambient RF energy, there may be too much interference. The good news, though, is that with most detectors of this type it is possible to experiment and then familiarize yourself with the unit so that you can still use it even in high RF areas.
When the United States government deregulated telephone service, AT&T, the
telephone communications giant, was immediately inundated with competition from
MCI, Sprint and hundreds of smaller local companies and soon fiber optic lines
were snaking around the country, being dropped along side natural rights of way
such as gas lines and railroads. Telephone costs dropped and a new telephone
service revolution had begun.

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