Do you know how you sound to others?

Elisha Gray, who lost the patent battle by only a few hours in 1876.
Bell was successful primarily because he understood not only electricity and
the workings of the telegraph, but had a thorough understanding of acoustics,
which most inventors weren’t all that familiar with. While focusing on the
mechanics, they weren’t taking into account the unique qualities of sound that
made transmitting speech so much more complex than simple clicks of the
telegraph. With a background in music and acoustics, Bell could address these
issues more readily.

As in all daily interactions, it is important to remember you will converse with people from various background and life experiences. Speaking and listening effectively are crucial to creating an atmosphere of respect with others. Showing respect to everyone, and encouraging open communication can help bring you a motivated and congenial staff while impressing your colleagues.

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We’ve seen these lessons played out a lot lately. The newspapers have been flooded with commentary about a former New York Times reporter and the poor conduct he displayed by purposely filing inaccurate stories. While his actions have cast a very negative light on the journalism community as a whole, causing many business owners to wonder if they’ve been treated fairly by the media in the past, it’s important to note that unscrupulous reporters represent just a few “bad apples” in a very large barrel. Most journalists possess great integrity. It’s their job to search for the truth so if you’re a small-business owner ready to tell your company story, honesty is still the best policy – especially when it comes to dealing with the press.

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