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  • Angel Statue Of Light - Right
    Large Full-Bodied Rooster Weathervane
    Victorian Porch Swing
    Child Releasing Butterfly
    Angel with Horn Weathervane
    Sundial/ Birdbath/ Feeder

  • Bergama Angel Statue - Left
    Camelot Vinyl Arbor
    4' Porch Swing
    Our Lady of Lourdes Statue
    Jolly Frenchman w/ Plate
    Large Dolphin Lawn Creature

  • Teak Glider
    Milan Springs Garden Waterfall
    Cow Weathervane
    Cypress Church Pew Bench
    Large Round Address Plaque
    Gardening Angel Globe Holder

  • Lilly Column Address marker
    3ft. Golfer
    37" Jesus Sacred Heart Statue - Arms Outstretched
    Brookside Waterfall
    Cast Iron Pedestal
    Arrowhead Falls Garden Waterfall

  • Sacred Fish Table Fountain
    St. Philomena Patron Statue
    Cardinal 32" Aluminum Weathervane
    CLARITY MAX - String Algae Fighter
    Traditional Five Lamp Post
    Whimsical Pig Cottage Weathervane

  • Full Color Rooster
    Dolphin Family
    Small Megan
    Sunshine Address Plaque
    Wide Victorian Five Lamp Post

  • Coventry Chair
    3ft. Lattice Floor Planter
    Square Granite Personlized Address Plaque
    Indiana University Hoosiers!
    Cupid Fountain
    Angel Sitting with Leaf and Bird Birdbath

  • 12ft. Aluminum Windmill
    Lattice Wings
    Bull Rider Weathervane
    Funny Pigs
    Patio Flower Pot Base
    Double Pan Fountain

  • Lucius Cornelius Balbus
    5ft. Jesus Sacred Heart Statue - Outstretched
    Medium Seahorse
    Squared Arch Manor w/ Rosette Address Marker
    Hanging Planter

  • Fireside Leopard
    Angel with Halo Weathervane
    Rough Play
    Traditional Cypress Garden Bench
    Coming Thru the Rye by Remington Bronze Sculpture
    Chippendale Metal Arbor

  • Switchback Falls Spillway
    MICROBE-LIFT PL - Gallon Size
    Full-Bodied Eagle Weathervane
    Adoration Kneeling Angel Statue - Arms Crossed
    3ft. Lattice Floor Planter
    The Carva and Mini-Carva Fountains

  • Boy and Girl Globe Holder
    Pitcher Pump w/ 20in. Antique Tub
    Fishing boy on log
    Adirondack Chair
    Wheelbarrow Kids
    Sunflower Design End Table

  • Cow Weathervane
    Glacier Falls Floor Fountain
    15' x 20' POND GARD LINER
    4in. Stainless Steel Gazing Ball
    Trout Weathervane
    Reflective Address Sign w/ Pole

  • Highlander Flat Arbor
    Arch Stone Garden Fountain
    Wall Mounted Amphora
    Tulip Bistro Set
    62" Our Lady of Perpetual Help Statue
    Arch Stone Garden Fountain

  • Three Stooges CD Gallery
    Stonehaven Vinyl Arbor
    6" Saturn Globe Stake
    Seagull on Logs
    St. George Swing

    Realistic Screech Owl
    Bathing Elephant
    Rooster 36in. Aluminum Weathervane
    Wrought Iron Column Pedestal
    Pelican 36in. Aluminum Weathervane

  • Golfer Man Weathervane
    Historical Arch Address Plaque
    Bergama Angel Statue - Left
    Haiku Tower Fountain
    Small Redwood Wishing Well Fountain
    Traditional Porch Swing

  • Cast Iron Numbers Sundial
    Riviera Vinyl Arch
    Rien Poortvliet's Hein the Carpenter Gnome
    2ft. Lattice Floor Planter
    44" Angel Statue of Light - Right
    Mare & Colt Weathervane

  • 22in. Stainless Steel Gazing Ball
    Sagada and Mini-Sagada Fountains
    Large Garden Fence w/ Bucket Fountain
    2ft. Lattice Floor Planter
    St. Therese the Little Flower Statue
    Floralyn Globe Holder

  • 3ft. Lattice Rail Planter
    Granite Falls Waterfall
    32" Resin Angel Statue - Right
    Full-Bodied Goose Weathervane
    Imperial Falls Waterfall
    Moderna Planter

  • Cook w/ Menu Board
    Garden Gnome Butterfly Catcher
    Squared Arch Standard Monogram Address Marker
    Out of My Skull CD Holder
    Birth of Venus

  • Angel with Horn Weathervane
    West Highland Terrier
    Lion with Shield
    49" St. Joseph Statue
    Kneeling Sailor Boy
    Basic Arch Georgian Address Plaque

  • Large Sharing Couple
    37" St. Francis Statue
    Copa Freda Urn
    Medium Shrine
    Moose Weathervane

  • Cardinal Weathervane
    Desert Springs Garden Waterfall
    German Shepard Weathervane
    Flamingo Weathervane
    Large Lion Fountain
    Paradise Falls Waterfall

  • The Butterfly Bench Accessories
    Day Lily Vinyl Arch
    Fruit & Vegetable Plate
    American Classic Slatback Swing
    Venus w/ Baby
    Fairy Birdfeeder

  • Schooner Weathervane
    Adoration Kneeling Angel Statue Set - Colossal
    Mom and Son on Bench
    Personalized Granite Welcome Address Plaque
    University of Illinois, Fighting Illini!
    Sweetwater Falls Garden Waterfall

  • Large Sailboat Weathervane
    Cafe Delights Advertising Plate
    Huck Finn Garden Statue
    Sm. Cherub w/ Horn
    Festonada 34in. Planter
    Granite Falls Waterfall

  • Hideaway Globe Stand
    Fairy Welcome Sign
    Paradise Falls Spillway
    Shell Standard Vertical Address Marker
    Trout Weathervane

  • Locomotive Weathervane
    Angel with Halo Weathervane
    Corpus on Cross
    Frog Globe Holder
    Rabbit Globe Holder
    Daffodils House Plaque

  • 7ft. Cook
    Decorative Fountain Base
    Mermaid and Dolphins
    2 Piece Hippo
    Liberty Flag Weathervane
    Rosebud Vinyl Garden Arbor

  • Blue Heron Weathervane
    Copper Duck Weathervane
    49" Virgin Mary Statue
    Espana Fountain, Short
    Madonna of the Prairie Statue

  • Adoration Angel Statue - Praying
    Boy with Kite Bronze Sculpture
    Mini Chair w/ Small Bucket Fountain
    Locomotive 32" Aluminum Weathervane
    Tiered Stone Fountain
    Three Tiered Pineapple Fountain

  • St. Joan of Arc Statue
    Chippendale Chair
    Goddess of Fall
    Copper Fountain with stand / Bird Bath
    Kingdom of Mary Statue
    Large Oval Address Plaque

  • Majestic Angel Guardian Statue - Right
    Lemon Garland 16" Planter
    Five Leaf Oxidized Copper Fountain w/Torch
    36" St. Joseph Statue with Child
    St. Joseph & Child Statue w/ cross

  • Old Man Waiter - Large
    Schooner Weathervane
    Historical Oval Address Plaque
    Reading Fairy on Column
    New Yorker Address Plaque
    St. Michael Statue w/ Sword of Fire

  • 64" Hebe Statue
    Italian Four Tiered Fountain
    Blue Mountain Fanback Swing
    Princeton One Line Address Sign
    Estate Georgetown Address Plaque

  • Little Red Pump
    Victorian Single Rocker
    Estate Oval Address Plaque
    Lyon Standard Vertical Address Marker
    Rectangular Address Plaque
    Classic Cypress Porch Swing

  • Shaker Garden Bench
    Liberty Flag Weathervane
    Paradise Falls Spillway & Oasis Pond
    Rocking Chair
    Colorado Cascade Waterfall
    One Line Mission Address Plaque

  • Courtship Fountain
    8" Glass Globe
    Charrette Cart
    Moose Weathervane
    Dining Chair

  • Large Round Address Plaque
    Summit Falls Fountain
    10" Glass Gazing Ball
    Kiss of the Sun Sundial
    Loveseat Glider
    The Air Chair

  • Three Tiered Dove Fountain
    Chatham Loveseat
    6in. Stainless Steel Globe
    St. Michael the Archangel Statue
    Hand- Forged English Style Bower
    English Garden Settee

  • Square Three Line Marker
    Three Cherubs Fountain
    Rocking Love Seat
    4' Settee
    Slate Bend right/ Slate Bend Left

  • Cowboy Weathervane
    Richmond Estate Vertical Address Marker
    Tiered Stone Fountain
    Northeast Cascade
    Angel Relief Bronze Urn with Twisted Base
    White Adult Fireside Tiger

  • Maple Leaf Address Plaque
    Adirondack Chair w/ ottoman
    Fairy Candle Holder
    Estate Arch Address Plaque
    Woman and Child Fountain
    Standard Arch Marker

  • Large Full-Bodied Horse Weathervane
    Cat Weathervane
    Dove of Peace Weathervane
    German Shepard Weathervane
    Square Estate Marker
    Full Bodied Country Doctor Weathervane

  • Blue Heron Weathervane
    Pelican Weathervane
    Hampton Standard Address Marker
    Copper Horse Weathervane
    Norfold Estate Vertical Address Marker
    Copper Eagle Weathervane

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