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  • Traditional Cypress Garden Bench
    Four Seasons, Fall
    61" Angel Statue of Prayer
    One Line Mission Address Plaque
    Full Bodied Country Doctor Weathervane
    Gate for Great Lakes Arbor

    Switchback Falls
    Garden Fairy
    Black Lab Weathervane
    Art Deco Fountain
    Rectangular Trestle Table

  • Copa Freda Urn
    ALITA 200
    Switchback Spillway w/ Oasis Pond
    Large Full-Bodied Eagle Weathervane
    Key West Standard Address Marker
    21" Virgin Mary Statue

  • Saa-Deh Indoor Table Top Fountain
    Paradise Falls Spillway
    Copper Deer Weathervane
    Gardening Angel Globe Holder
    Rectangular Trestle Table
    Moose Weathervane

  • Golden Retriever Weathervane
    The Butterfly Bench Accessories
    10' x 15' POND GARD LINER
    Allegheny Highback Swing
    Haiku Sun Fountain
    Medium Lion Fountain w/ Basin

  • Garden Fairy w/ feeder
    Kneeling Angel with hands in prayer
    Bull Rider Weathervane
    Shortie Plant Stand
    Rien Poortvliet's Gnomy Sitting in Washtub
    4ft. Wide Country Garden Arbor

  • Standard Arch Marker
    Girl on Stump Feeder
    Resin Fairy
    Cottage Series Copper Heron Weathervane
    Bird Nest Cascade Waterfall
    Estate Madison Address Plaque

  • Maple Globe Stand
    Summit Falls Fountain
    Snowman Weathervane
    Bronze Angel Weathervane
    Copper Horse Weathervane
    Santa With Reindeer Weathervane

  • Estate Arch Address Plaque
    32" Angel Statue of Light - Left
    Motorcycle Weathervane
    Black Lab Weathervane
    Our Lady of Grace Statue
    Stone Streams

  • Great Blue Heron
    Nantucket Ultralast vinyl arbor
    Sedona Falls Spillway & Oasis Pond
    Cherub key box
    6in. Stainless Steel Globe
    Signature Address Marker

  • Boy's Puppy Love
    The Kata & Mini-Kata fountains
    Sierra Falls
    Three Tiered Dove Fountain
    25" St. Francis of Assisi Statue
    Boy with Shell Birdfeeder

  • 12in. Stainless Steel Gazing Ball
    Windsor Arbor
    Lexington Arch Plaque
    Twin Falls Garden Waterfall
    Baby St. Fiacre Statue
    Happy Pig

  • Dolphin Coffee/ End Table
    Brookside Waterfall
    Eagle- Upwing 36in. Large Full Body Aluminum Weathervane
    Bronze Ornate Lady Bronze Fountain
    Exeter Standard Vertical Address Marker
    Switchback Falls Spillway

  • Original Slate Stream
    Golf Balls CD Holder
    American Sweetheart Bench
    The Vigan Fountain
    Shortie Plant Stand
    Floral Fantacy Plate

  • Moonshadow Table-Top Fountain
    Full-Bodied Rooster Weathervane
    Original Slate Stream
    Modern Anchor
    Wide Victorian Five Lamp Post
    Traditional Single Lamp Post

  • Girl w/ Planter Cart
    Highlander Arch
    Whooping Crane
    Garden Gnome with Mushroom
    Sedona Falls Spillway
    Blue Mountain Fanback Swing

  • Romanesque Sundial
    Lawn Gator
    Caprice Flat Top Vinyl Arbor
    Graceful Angel
    High- Back Contemporary Chair
    Switchback Spillway w/ Oasis Pond

  • Oblong Address Plaque
    3 Geese in Flight Copper Weathervane - in Verdi Finish
    Father Time Sundial
    Established Sunshine Plaque

  • English Porch Swing
    Madison Address Plaque
    Four Seasons, Winter
    Lattice Elegance Vinyl Arbor w/ Green Lattice
    Boy Riding Bicycle w/ Chasing Dog Bronze Sculpture
    Yacht Weathervane

  • Large Full-Bodied Eagle Weathervane
    Do it Yourself Modular Fence
    Provence Urn
    Tranquility Pool Fountain
    Richmond Standard Vertical Address Marker
    Sedona Falls waterfall

  • Rivers Edge Waterfall
    Saint Bernard and Girl Bronze Sculpture
    Boy and Girl Reading Garden Statue - Victorian
    Magical Fog Fountains
    The Air Chair
    Fishing Grandpa

  • Zen Well Table Fountain
    Copper Heron Weathervane
    Copper Deer Weathervane
    University of Tennessee Vols!
    Avain Arch Address Plaque
    Copper Rooster Weathervane

  • Instant Water Garden
    Eagle- Upwing 36in. Large Full Body Aluminum Weathervane
    Copper Banner Weathervane
    Bear Family-set Bronze Sculpture
    University of Wisconsin Badgers!
    54" St. Michael Statue

  • Richmond Estate Vertical Address Marker
    Warring Angels - AS
    Kansas State University Powercats!
    Girl w/ Bird Garden Statue
    Amish Sweetheart Swing
    Blue Mountain Fanback Swing

  • 1913 Chevy Weathervane
    Diana of the Hunt
    Arch Stone Garden Fountain
    Cherub key box
    The Butterfly Bench Accessories
    Victorian Five Lamp Post

  • 3" x 50' FLEX HOSE
    Angel Feeder
    Brass Sundial w/ Boat
    Small Oval Address Plaque
    Princeton One Line Address Sign
    Eagle Coffee/ End Table

  • St. Francis Statue w/ Dove
    Cactus Stepping Stone
    Thoreau Sundial
    Lounge Chair
    Cherub w/ basket
    Fire Department Weathervane

  • Moose Weathervane
    BIOLOGICAL CLARIFIER - 23oz. liquid
    Oak Leaf Address Plaque
    Book Wizard
    Boy and Puppies Planter
    Tractor Weathervane

  • 38" Classic Niche - AS
    Well Fountain
    Copper Pig Weathervane
    Garden Gnome with Windbells
    Oxford Vinyl Arch
    Small Grotto

  • The Amazing Sea Dance Bronze Fountain
    Copper Eagle Weathervane
    8ft Steel Windmill
    Laurel and Hardy Umbrella Stand
    Tiered Stone Fountain
    Small Galvanized Watering Can Fountain

  • Blue Mountain Fanback Bench
    Do it Yourself Modular Fence
    48in. Fan Blade Assembly
    Sailboat Birdbath Sundial
    Cherub w/ Feeder
    Celtric Dream Sundial

  • Historical Oval Address Plaque
    Modern 8ft Anchor
    Richmond Estate Vertical Address Marker
    Whale Copper Weathervane
    Penn State University Nittany Lion Merchandise!
    Bake Butler with Menu

  • Gasoline Pump Cabinet
    Cherub Cottage Weathervane - in verdi finish
    13in. Bird Girl Statue
    Paradise Falls Spillway & Oasis Pond
    Sm. Copper Garden Fountain w/ Tipping Cup
    Girl Standing w/ Cat

  • Saint Francis Statue
    Boot Planter/Globe Holder
    Romantica Fountain
    Greek Athlete
    Grey Lady Arbor w/ Bench
    Wave Plaque

  • Arrow Finial
    Western Michigan University Broncos!
    Rooster Copper Weathervane
    Riviera Flat Vinyl Arbor
    Contemporary Five Lamp Post
    Cocktail Lady Table Base

  • In- Ground Bubble Pinnacle
    Stair Step Fishing Boy
    Classic Romance Arbor
    Square Three Line Marker
    Cherub w/ Planter
    Octagon Picnic Table

  • Adirondack Address Plaque
    University of Kansas Jayhawks!
    Jesus Statue (Corpus)
    Above Ground Rock Bubbler or Planter Waterfall
    Manchester Deluxe Vinyl Arbor
    Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue

  • Golfer Man Weathervane
    Paradise Falls Waterfall
    Rien Poortvliet's Jim the Woodland Gnome
    Cardinal Weathervane
    Cherub w/ Feeder
    Cowboy Fountain

  • Twin Falls Garden Waterfall
    Katie Bronze Sculpture
    Pelican Weathervane
    39" Immaculate Heart of Mary Statue
    Baby Fawn
    One Line Mission Address Plaque

  • Gnome Doors
    Dove of Peace Weathervane
    Festonada Urn
    52" Quality Wood Windmills
    Small Sailboat Copper Weathervane
    Richmond Standard Vertical Address Marker

  • Duck Weathervane
    Old Man Waiter - Large
    Pouring Angles Fountain
    Rooster Weathervane

  • Cowboy Weathervane
    Dome Shaped Wall-Mounted Planter
    Norfolk Standard Vertical Address Marker
    University of Michigan Wolverines, Go Blue!
    Angel Statue w/ Child
    Boy Sitting w/ Bird

  • Rectangular Trestle Table
    Sm. Green Watering Can Fountain
    Black Lab Weathervane
    Colorado Cascade Waterfall
    Plinth Column Fountain
    Full-Bodied Horse Weathervane

  • Heron Copper Weathervane
    Cow Weathervane
    52" Quality Wood Windmills
    Fish Copper Weathervane
    Cardinal Weathervane

  • Lattice Elegance Vinyl Arbor w/ White Lattice
    Happiness Sundial
    Canadian Goose
    Large Full-Bodied Rooster Weathervane
    Boy and Puppy on Bench
    13in. Bird Girl Statue

  • Contemporary Three Lamp Post
    Skinny Baker Butler
    Glendale Arbor
    Jesus Sacred Heart Blessing Statue
    Festonada 34in. Planter
    Shell Estate Vertical Address Marker

  • Sunflower Vertical Marker
    Sarcophagus CD Holder - Small
    Romanesque Sundial
    Norfold Estate Vertical Address Marker
    Angel Statue Lying with Bird
    House Address Lanterns

  • University of Missouri Tigers!
    2 Tier Triumphant Mermaid Bronze Garden Fountain
    10ft. Aluminum Windmill
    Piggy Cook
    Pheasant 36in. Full Body Aluminum Weathervane
    Cocker Spaniel

  • Windsor Standard Vertical Marker
    Young Lady in Shell Bronze Fountain
    Jesus Statue (as youth)
    Tranquil Table Fountain
    Copper 2 Tier Fountain with Iron stand / Bird Bath
    Northeast Cascade

  • 12" Glass Gazing Ball
    Lab Puppy
    Large Shrine
    Medium Lion Fountain w/ Basin
    Banjo Boy
    Locomotive Weathervane

  • Square Estate Marker
    Paradise Falls Spillway & Oasis Pond
    English Garden Table
    Girl w/ Necklace Bronze Sculpture
    Lunar Zodiac Sundial

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