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  • Small Swan Planter
    #9: Imported Riverwood Tiverton Robin Box
    10 Garden Tags & Marking Pen
    Cast Aluminum Tuscan Urn with Handles & Stand
    Six Sided Silo

  • Handbook of the Birds of the World, Bundled Offer
    Brass Duck and Ducklings
    The Classic Window Feeder
    Three Piece Alligator Lawn Ornament
    New Look� 7-15x25mm Zoom Binocular

  • The Country Charm Garden Rack
    Pro9 Hanging Green Roof Wooden Feeder
    Song Bird French Roast Whole Bean Coffee
    Fairy Birdbath or Feeder / Globe Holder
    The Hillsboro Plaque- Estate

  • The Droll Yankee 13 Inch Peanut Feeder
    Royal Blue Clock, Terra Cotta
    The Shell Vertical Plaque- Estate
    The Hummingbird Wiggle
    The Sturbridge Arbor

  • Three Foot Column Stand
    Identiflyer Additional SongCard-Birds of the Forest Edge
    The Droll Yankee 9 Inch Peanut Feeder
    Buffet Double Seed Tray Window Feeder
    The Wood Beam Bell

  • The Old Glory Bird House
    The Looking Glass Hummingbird Feeder
    The Droll Yankee Suet Feeder with Pole Clamp
    Cornice Column Pedestal Base
    Globe Cherub

  • The Egg & Dart Plaque- Standard
    Brass Duck Sprinkler
    Metal Stand for Bird Baths
    Pole Mountable Butterfly House - Unfinished
    Garden Crane Sculpture

  • Grape Vine Garden Birdfeeder
    Raisin Delight Suet Cakes (12)
    Sun Flower Stake Pedestal
    V Bar Ring with Medium Refillable Bird Feeder
    Round Wire Flower Basket

  • The Rochelle Plaque- Standard
    Farmer's Bell
    Snack Bar Single Seed Tray Window Feeder
    Danny the Dragonfly Garden Sculpture
    Forest Green Clock, Terra Cotta

  • Bat House Kit
    The Hummingbird Garden Marker/Stake
    The Red Glory Hummingbird Feeder
    Covered Bridge Bird Feeder Kit
    Double Duty Window Feeder

  • Bat House
    Love is the Fairest- Garden Sign
    Tulip & Butterfly Stepping Stones-Set of Two
    Green Single Sided Absolute� Feeder -Hanging Model
    Williamsburg Cast Iron Collier Sundial & Stand

  • Banquet Triple Seed Tray Window Feeder
    All Weather Bird Bath
    Success Sign
    The LoveNest Victorian Cottage
    The Droll Yankee Winner Window Feeder

  • Octaganol Seed Silo
    Imported French Planter & Bird Bath
    Williamsburg Pineapple Table Top Fountain
    The Victoria Arbor Trellis
    Friendship- Garden Sign

  • Happiness is Home Grown Gardening Sign
    Deluxe Thistle Feeder K7
    The Traditional Arbor
    Cast Aluminum Tuscan Urn with Bronze Handles & Stand
    Window Suet Feeder

  • Table Top Fountain & Bath with Turtle
    The Kirkwood Martin House
    29 Inch Wall Eagle
    Welcome to My Garden Sign
    Ivy Nature Hook

  • The Seaside Bird Feeder
    The Athens Slate Roof Feeder
    Butterfly Hanging BIrd Bath-Shady Green
    The Butterfly Pedestal Base
    Super Carousel Bird Feeder System

  • Heron Leg Base & Hand Blown Glass Bath
    The Copenhagen Fountain & Birdbath
    Garden Ballet Bird Mobile
    Cast Aluminum Roman Urn with Brass Handles & Stand
    Hawiian Delight Suet Cakes (12)

  • Three Tiered Shell Table Top Fountain
    The Butterfly Weathervane
    Birdie Bed & Breakfast Kit
    Banquet Triple Seed Tray Window Feeder
    The Sailor's Knot Vertical- Standard

  • The Stables Bird House
    The Hummingbird Feeder
    The Droll Yankee Winner Window Feeder
    Frog Nature Hook
    Birdhouses & Feeders You Can Make Complete Plans and Instructions for Bird-Friendly Nesting and Feeding Sites by Paul Gerhards

  • Classical Styled Mailbox
    ST. FRANCIS Garden Shelter
    Thistle Caged Avian Feeder/Pole Mounted or Hanging
    The Solid Brass 10 inch Classic Greek Urn
    Iron Bird Feeder

  • Admiral - Petite
    Cafe Hopper Window Feeder
    The French Bucket Planters
    Andy the Ant Garden Sculpture
    Tree Pedestal Base

  • Euro Pedestal Base
    The Granite Waterfalls & Fountain
    Grapevine Column Pedestal Stand
    Rocky Mountain Spring with Dripper and Thermostatic Heater
    Brass Antique Containers- Full Collection

  • Traditional Patio Pedestal Base
    The Lotus Leaf Birdbath & Baby Frog with Smithsonian Stand
    Alpine Spring with Pump w/ Rock Waterfall
    The Grand Arbor
    Lighthouse Thermometer

  • Garden Hanger- 90" Single Hook
    The Ribbon Plaque- Standard
    Frog Feeder/ Globe Holder
    Flicker Nesting Box
    Designer Green Roof Feeder

  • French Panes
    Handbook of the Birds of the World, Volume II
    Le Grande Gazebo
    The Sedona Waterfalls & Fountain

  • The Grand Sign
    Garden Egrets - Brass
    The Mission Lantern Feeder
    The Hawthorne Oval Plaque- Estate
    Trumpetvine Dish Bird Feeder

  • Small Suet Feeder-Claret Red
    Roofed Nesting Pockets
    Traditional Patio Pedestal Base
    Little Girl Crossing Garden Sign
    The Victorian Purple Martin House

  • The Glendale Arbor with Half Moon Gate
    The Athens Copper Roof Feeder
    Briar Rabbit 18 Inch Copper & Cedar Bird Feeder
    The Swiss Chalet Birdhouse
    The Paradise Waterfalls & Fountain

  • The Copper Dragonfly Extension Hook
    Bird-Vu Wireless Audio/Video Additional Receiver(s)
    Garden Marker - The Center
    The Teahouse Lantern Feeder
    35 Inch Copper Leaf Stake Feeder

  • Squirrel-Proof Suet Haven Feeder
    John Deere Feeder
    All Weather Bird Bath
    The Artesian Waterfalls & Fountain

  • The Milledgeville Copper Roof Feeder
    EasyView Jr. Window Feeder
    Window Suet Feeder
    Dragon Nature Hook
    The Flower Feeder

  • Victorian Hose Holder Guide -Set of Six
    Bronze Turtle Cove Flush Mount Bird Feeder
    Imported Hexagonal Bird Bath
    Heated Bird Bath Pedestal
    Richmond Horizontal - Standard

  • The Welcome Plaque- Sunflower
    Identiflyer Additional SongCard-Birds of the Night
    Medium Refilling Bird Feeder on Narrow Base
    Side by Side Suet Feeder
    The Birds Eye View Bird House

  • Sterling Silver Eagle Pendant and Chain
    The Double Line Plaque- Estate
    Thistle Feeder-Red
    The Astoria Arbor with Bench
    The Kestrel House

  • Large Grotto
    The Metro Tower Feeder
    Bar-B-Q Bell
    Downy Woodpecker Nesting Box
    Grandpa's Garden

  • 14k Eagle Pendant
    Bird Border Filler-Set of Six
    HummZinger Mini Hummingbird Feeder
    Falcon 10x26mm Compact Binoculars
    Flying Witch Silhouette Weathervane

  • The Butterfly Wiggle
    Trumpet Vine Garden Birdfeeder
    Deluxe Thistle Feeder K8
    The Colorado Cascade Waterfalls & Fountain
    Flower Girl on Bench

  • Orchard Bee Box
    Bunny Crossing Garden Sign-Verdigris
    Dragonfly Bird Bath & Stepping Stones (6)
    Roman Sundial Pedestal
    Wren House

  • Admiral- Estate
    Wood Duck Nesting Box
    Green Single Sided Absolute� Feeder Pole Mount
    The Window Nest Box

  • Brass & Copper Estate Hose Holder
    The Berkshire Lodge Feeder
    Kitty Crossing Garden Sign
    The Solid Brass 12 inch Classic Greek Urn
    Scepter Oil Garden Lamp- Set of Two

  • High Energy Suet (12)
    Z-170 UltraZoom� 20-100x70mm Binoculars
    Cherub Column Pedestal Stand
    Corner Mount Bird Bath/ Seed Tray
    The Droll Yankee Standard Hook

  • Identiflyer Additional SongCard-Birds of the Marsh & Wetlands
    Heated Bird Bath with Metal Stand
    The Dojo Feeder
    The Nantucket Arbor
    Medium Victorian Hose Holder

  • Squirrel-Proof Suet Haven Feeder
    Macarena Rain Dancer
    Split Box Beam Fountain & Bath
    The Tower Fountain & Bath
    The 2.5x Waterproof Night Vision Scope

  • Butterfly House Gift Pack
    The Richmond Vertical Plaque- Standard
    The Droll Yankee 8 Inch Metal Feeder with 2 seed ports
    Admiral- Standard
    Bee Box

  • Bird in Flight Window Feeder
    The Rose Oval Plaque- Standard
    Chickadee Birdhouse Kit
    Oakleaf Nature Hook
    Four Sided CopperTop Hanging Feeder

  • Hour Glass & Wings Sundial
    Window Suet Feeder
    Quail Doorbell and Knocker Combination
    The Sun & Moon Bird House
    Dragonfly Nature Hook

  • Butterfly Condo Large
    Cast Iron Sundial Pedestal
    The Fox & Hound Bird House
    The Great Gallery of Ducks and Other Waterfowl by Richard LeMaster
    The Welcome Plaque- Failte

  • Pewter Small Nut/Sunflower Feeder
    Benny the Bee Garden Sculpture
    Wind & Moon Clock & Thermometer
    Wally the Woodpecker Garden Sculpture
    The Droll Yankee Bird Lovers 23 Inch Thistle Feeder with 8 Thistle ports.

  • 24 Compartment Purple Martin Castle & Mounting Socket
    Birdsong Identiflyer-Carrying Case
    Froggie Sprinkler
    National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America: Third Edition
    Athena Column Pedestal Stand

  • Thistle Feeder-Green
    Arch Marker- Standard
    Angled Deck Rail Hanger
    Thistle Feeder-Green
    Bronze Cardinal Bird Cove Flush Mount Bird Feeder

  • The Richmond Vertical Plaque- Estate
    Birds & Tall Lilly Bird Bath
    Birds of Prey by Floyd Scholz
    Waste Free Gourmet -Two (2) 5 lb. Fresh Pack
    Thermometer-Royal Blue, Terra Cotta

  • Dragonfly Birdbath and Pedestal
    Arch Marker- Petite Wall
    The Monogram Plaque- Standard
    Fossil Celestial Clock & Thermometer Combo

  • Michaelangelo's Florentine Man (Green Man)
    The Lighthouse Vertical- Standard
    The Palace Victorian Feeder
    Rose Hanging BIrd Bath
    The Droll Yankee 23" Metal Thistle Feeders with 8 seed ports

  • The Double Sided Rectangle- Standard
    Rose Pedestal with Gazing Globe
    Garden Egrets - Brass
    Handbook of the Birds of the World, Bundled Offer
    The Dragonfly Bird House

  • The Shell Plaque - Standard
    Micro-Mono 6x16mm
    Nautilus Wind Dancer
    The Nesting Perch
    House Wren Nesting Box

  • Band-tailed Pigeon Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    The Sunburst Plaque- Standard
    Suet Hanging Basket-Green
    FoxBat� III Night Vision Scope
    Mom's Garden Sign

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