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  • Boy with Dog
    Somber Angel
    Northeast Cascade
    Standing Girl
    Boy w/ Book on Bench Statue
    Full-Bodied Rooster Weathervane

  • Floralyn Globe Holder
    The Butterfly Chair
    Two Cranes in Tree Bronze Fountain
    Daybreak Sundial
    Slate River Canyon
    Gentle Presence

  • 24" Madonna Statue
    St. Rose Statue
    Girl and Bear Tea Party Statue
    Angel Sitting with Bird
    24" Our Lady of Charity
    Resin Pedestal

  • 3ft. Picket Window Box
    Bamboo Table Fountain
    Sitting Hotie - AS
    Grand Eagle Copper Weathervane
    Michigan State University Spartans!

  • Boy and Girl on Seesaw Statue
    Monroe Address Marker
    Draga Colossal
    Locomotive 32" Aluminum Weathervane
    Mermaid Copper Weathervane
    Original Slate Stream

  • Blue Mountain Fanback Bench
    St. Francis of Assisi Statue
    49" Virgin Mary Statue
    Immaculate Conception Statue
    Twig and Pine Picket Arm Chair
    T- Bird Table Top Fountain

  • Monroe Address Marker
    54" St. Michael Statue
    Jefferson Address Marker
    Classic Cypress Porch Swing
    Monticello Address Marker
    Lighthouse globe pedestal

  • Pacific Glider
    Instant Water Garden
    Moose Cottage Weathervane
    Cedar Armchair
    Tractor Weathervane
    Cowboy Weathervane

  • Avain Arch Address Plaque
    Bergama Angel - Right
    Chicago Address Plaque
    Discobolus by Myron
    6ft. Aluminum Windmill
    18ft. Aluminum Windmill

  • Celtic Cross
    Garden Gnome with Rake
    Purdue Chime
    Home of Plaque
    Girl w/ net
    Laying Lion

  • Minerva Giustinia
    Art Deco Fountain
    Tulip Loveseat
    Chained Gargoyle of Turin - GO
    Child riding Butterfly
    Oak Leaf Address Plaque

  • Rose Girl on Bench statue - Victorian
    Bacchus Statue
    Lighthouse Cottage Weathervane
    Fegana Angel Fountain - AS
    Basic Arch Georgian Address Plaque

  • Cherub & Dove Table w /Glass
    Window Seat Trellis Planter
    Palazzo Urn Fountain
    Golfer Cottage Weathervane
    Victorian Porch Swing

  • Full Circle Globe Hanger
    Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue
    Sm. Umbrella Girl Planter
    The Gazebo
    Hippo Spitter with Frogs
    Casa Blanca Backdrop

  • Schnauzer
    Estate Georgetown Address Plaque
    Hanging Angel
    Boy with Puppy on Rock
    Traditional Finial

  • Madison One Line Sign
    Fireside Yellow Tiger
    Angel Statue Reaching Out
    Mermaid Copper Weathervane
    Resting Lady in Hammock Table
    Low Profile Globe Stand

  • Triangle Globe Stake
    35" Our Lady of Grace Statue
    Bronze Schooner Weathervane
    Seated Girl Birdfeeder - Rust
    Garden Girl Solar Light Statue
    Bronze Horse Weathervane

    Boy and Girl Watering Flower Statue
    Chained Gargoyle of Turin - GO
    Cherub Bird Feeder
    Cascade Vinyl Arbor w/ Wings
    3 Geese in Flight Copper Weathervane - in Verdi Finish

  • Cambridge Planter Box
    Square Three Line Marker
    Fishing Bear
    Standing Angel
    Astoria Garden Arbor
    Outhouse Fountain

  • Angel Table
    Rotating head owl
    Angel Feeder
    Oval Address Plaque
    Girl with Basket on Rock
    Dome Shaped Wall-Mounted Planter

  • University of Tennessee Vols!
    Birdbath Sundial
    Small Jockey Boy
    Brass Octagonal Sundial
    Sierra Falls
    Padre Pio Statue

  • Large Sailboat Weathervane
    Regal Vinyl Arch
    Central Michigan University, Chippewas!
    Imperial Falls Waterfall
    Seedlings 31in. Schoolboy
    Oval Address Plaque

  • Tractor Weathervane
    Koi Table Fountain
    43" Angel Statue of Light - Left
    Woman w/ Urn Fountain -AS
    Wheat Column
    Squared Arch Standard Monogram Address Marker

  • Girl with Planter Garden Statue
    Sagada and Mini-Sagada Fountains
    Rien Poortvliet's Flierefluit on Mushroom Garden Gnome
    Jack & Jill Bronze Sculpture
    Nature Bowl Table Top Fountain
    Grapevine Sundial

  • Day Lily Vinyl Arch
    Fanback Rocker
    Saturn 4" Globe Stake
    University of Wisconsin Badgers!
    Frog Globe Holder
    52" Quality Wood Windmills

  • Estate Finial
    Rockball for Baluster Column
    Fountainbleu Metal Arbor
    Angel Statue of Light - Left
    Two Labradors with Cask
    Etruscan 17in. Urn

  • Whale Copper Weathervane
    Large Jockey Boy - Left
    Kids on Log Bench
    Swirl Globe Pedestal
    Round Trestle Table Set

  • Boy and Girl on Bench
    Home of Plaque
    Torino Fountain
    Provence Urn
    Racing Sloop Copper Weathervane
    Pelican Weathervane

  • 30' x 50' POND GARD LINER
    Kent Cupola
    Rectangle Table
    Angel Statue with Basket
    Copper Pig Weathervane
    Wildflower Pixie

  • Lexington Arch Plaque
    Cherub Sundial
    The Gothic Arch
    American Flag Copper Weathervane
    Fairy in Bronze Finish
    Resin Pedestal

  • Leaf Birdbath/Fountain
    Brown Bear Couple
    Musical Medley CD Holder
    Copper Cottage Horse Weathervane
    Five Drawer Dresser
    Girl washing Dog Fountain

  • Rising Sun Pergola
    Caprice Flat Top Vinyl Arbor
    Estate Arch Address Plaque
    Golden Retriever Weathervane
    Stone River Bend Garden Waterfall
    Jesus Statue (Corpus)

  • Riviera Flat Vinyl Arbor
    Large Fairy
    Lilly Column Address marker
    St. Anne & Child Statue
    Arrowhead Falls Garden Waterfall
    Midian 10" Globe Holder

  • Father Time Sundial
    Rabbit Globe Holder
    Sunflower Design Blooming Chair
    Colonial Oval Address Marker
    Dolphin Copper Weathervane
    Victorian Address Plaque

  • Bluebird Stepping Stone
    Cherub globe holder w/ globe
    Small Entwined Fish
    Historical Oval Address Plaque
    Small Seahorse
    Our Lady of Fatima Statue

  • Barrel Three Tier Fountain
    Round Address Plaque
    Canterbury Armillary
    Frog Lotus
    Cardinal Weathervane
    38" St. Francis Statue /Garden Feeder

  • Child w/ Snail - AS
    Fleur dys Lis Fountain
    Small Kneeling Girl
    Hippo Bronze Fountain
    Large Garden Fence w/ Bucket Fountain
    Rien Poortvliet's Juan Sleeping Garden Gnome

  • Lemon Garland 16" Planter
    Greek 24in. Planter
    Double Oval Antiqued Fountain
    Twig & Pine Table Set
    Madonna and Christ Child Statue
    Puppy or Kitty Glass Tables

  • Snowman Weathervane
    Large White Watering Can Fountain
    Richmond Standard Vertical Address Marker
    Tree Pedestal
    Sitting Boy

  • Perfection Falls
    Nantucket Post Cap Arbor w/ Gates
    Bainbridge End Table
    Ilaria Octagonal 20in. Planter
    Sunface Vertical Address Marker
    Blue Heron 36in. Aluminum Weathervane

  • Boy and Puppies Planter
    Loving Angels - AS
    Oval Address Plaque
    Stone Pool Table Fountain
    Woman and child at the pump fountain
    Garden Angel Statue

  • Nantucket Chair
    Sunshine Address Plaque
    John - Bathroom Bear
    Lilly Column Address marker
    Fairy Birdfeeder
    Sm. Fairy w/ Globe

  • Boy & Girl at Wall Bronze Fountain
    Round Address Plaque
    Lady of Fatima Statue
    St. Raphael the Archangel Statue
    Wine & Dine Plate
    Neptune Bronze Scuplture A

    Full-Bodied Eagle Weathervane
    Cowboy Boot CD Holder
    Allegheny Highback Bench
    Slate River Canyon
    Cook w/ Menu Board

  • Conical Pedestal
    High Back Table Group
    5 Leaf Copper Shell Fountain
    Golf Bag CD Holder
    Tug of War Children
    52" Painted Swivel Top Windmill

  • Swinging Monkey
    Flower Bed Fountain
    Maine Camp & Beach Chair
    Regal Vinyl Arch
    Bear Cub w/ Fish Fountain

  • Dolphin Coffee/ End Table
    3 Piece Frog Stepping Stone
    Motorcycle Weathervane
    Fanback Rocker
    Riviera Flat Vinyl Arbor

  • Cow
    Old Fashoined Pump Foutain
    Patriotic Boy Statue
    Large Four Tier Fountain
    Aluminum Armillary Sundial
    Exeter Standard Vertical Address Marker

  • Nantucket Ultralast vinyl arbor
    Bronze Fairy Feeder
    St. Ignatius Loyola Statue
    50" St. John Vianney Statue
    University of Kentucky Wildcats!
    Eagle 32" Aluminum Weathervane - Full Body

  • Twin Peaks & Pond
    Triangle Globe Stake
    Angel statue w/ Glass Dish
    Adoration Angel Statue - Arms Crossed
    Sunfire Monogram Address Plaque
    Mini Wash Board Fountain

  • Elephants Coffee/ End Table
    Sitting Angel w/ Bird
    Dragonfly Globe Base
    36" Caddy
    Labrador Retriever Cottage Weathervane
    Water in Motion Wall Fountain

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