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Gearbotics: Sonic Insect Motorized Construction Set with Sound

Does building creepy, crawly bugs that move and make fun noises sound like a good time to you? Then you're in luck! The Gearbotics Sonic Insect building set includes color-coded pieces and instructions to get you started - then let your imagination run wild and create your own creepy, crawly designs! This large set features 117 pieces including a motor with sound, gears, connectors, wings, bug eyes, legs, tongue, antenna, and more! The Sonic Insect set can be used alone or combined with other Gears! Gears! Gears! building sets. The storage case has a built-in handle. Specifications may vary. Requires 4 "AA" alkaline batteries (not included).

Manufacturer: Learning Resources Inc.

Wiggles: Cold Spaghetti Western (VHS)

Yippee-ti-yi-yo. Get ready to boot scoot down the Wiggly Trail in this western adventure with The Wiggles. Cowpokes Greg, Anthony, Murray and Jeff are hustling to the Town Fair. Their Friend, Alfonso the master Pasta Maker, must win the Country Cook-Off to save the Great Western Cafe from going bust. But there's bad news, partner. Alfonso lost the secret ingredient to his pasta. With help from Foodman, the Superhero of Sustenance, the Wiggles ride off into the sunset having saved the day and the cafe. Running time: 60 minutes.

Manufacturer: Entertainment Resources, Inc.

Castle Construction Castle Playset

Build two old-world castles with this unique construction set. Follow the detailed instructions two put together the elaborate castles. Then, add the working cannon, catapult and knight figures to finish the medieval scene. Comes with a total of 1,090 pieces and instructions.

Manufacturer: Popular de Juguetes, S.L.

"One Small Step..." 1:48 Scale Lunar Module Sculpture

The Smithsonian Institute National Air and Space Museum Collection Lunar Module Sculpture captures the first moment that man stepped on the moon. Hand-casted and hand-painted, this exquisite collectible recreates one of the lunar crafts designed in America's efforts to conquer space. Top artists worked to replicate in intricate detail this historic scene. All of the gold accents on the Module and the Astronauts are real 24K gold plated. Adorned with a special silver plaque, the finished base measures 9" x 11". Module stands a full 7 inches high when measured from the bottom of the base. Comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Manufacturer: Code 3 Collectibles

WWII USMC Bunker Buster 4th Marine Division - "Barney" 12" Military Action Figure

The 12-inch military action figures from Dragon Models are the next generation of 1:6 scale military action figures. Each figure has a highly flexible body; a unique, life-like head sculpt; and a super flexible body with triple jointed arms and legs, allowing for any pose. Dragon figures are equipped with fully decorated uniforms and accessories, and each piece of equipment is reproduced in 1:6 scale. These historically accurate military collectibles are authentic to the original weapons, uniforms and accessories of actual soldiers from various military eras and are designed specifically for the adult collector.A USMC Bunker Buster, 4th Marine Division soldier stationed in Iwo Jima in 1945, Barney comes dressed in GI helmet with camouflage cover, USMC P1944 utility coat, USMC P1944 HBT utility trousers, sleeveless undershirt, and USMC boots and belt. He is equipped with X-Straps, LC-2 first aid kit, first aid pouch, M1910 entrenching tool, metal water bottle with pouch, MKII fragmentation grenade, M12 shotgun, and M9 Bazooka with rocket.

Manufacturer: Dragon Models

Smart Start Boppin' Band Stand

Preschoolers learn important skills while they rock and bop with the Smart Start Boppin' Band Stand. This innovative, interactive musical learning toy lets children enjoy a variety of different musical styles and gives them the opportunity to create and record their own favorite tunes. Eight piano keys play full melodies and individual notes. Features a drum pad with eight different blastin' beats and a tempo control with three different speeds. Three lights on the Band Stand figures correspond to the color-coded piano keys, making notes easy to learn. Measures approximately 14" x 7.5" x 8". Requires 4 "AA" alkaline batteries (included).

Manufacturer: VTech Industries, Inc.

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