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X-EC Diversion Remote Control Airplane

The unique design and electronic controls of the X-EC Diversion guarantee you'll be flying like a pro the first time out! Parabolic 14" wingspan and super-light Butterfly-weight (less than 2 ounces!) helps the plane travel far-up to 250 feet. A tiny microprocessor controls the twin-motor thrust vectoring, just like the real thing. Pre-programmed "auto landing" feature and impact-absorbing nosecone ensure landings are smooth and safe, every time. Plane measures 21x14". Includes 3-channel transmitter/ charger, rechargeable flight pack, display stand and carrying case. Also uses 6 AA batteries, not included.
SKU: 1877

Blue Plate Special Jigsaw Puzzle

By C. Consani. 19-1/4x26-3/4", 1000 pcs. Special! Buy any 3 or more jigsaw puzzles and save $3 on each!
SKU: 5640

Puzzle Car Set

Exclusive: Snap together puzzle pieces to make your own custom track, with uphills, downhills, bridges and curves. The combinations are endless! Self-powered vehicles (2 cars, 1 SUV) drive up, down and all around your creation. Includes 58 puzzle pieces and 21 accessories (bridges, signs, etc.). Uses 3 AAA batteries, included. Ages 4 and up.
SKU: 1778

5 Pack Foam Ball Refill

Additional balls for the Soft Shooter Bow.
SKU: 5827

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