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Linq Game

Sneaky word-based game requires bluffing and subtlety to outwit opponents and be the first to identify the LINQ. All players are dealt 1 card each, 2 players will be dealt cards which have the same word printed on them (the LINQ) and all the rest are blank. Players get 3 rounds to offer a one-word clue describing the word (or lack of words) on their card. Example: The LINQ is "strawberry". One player with a LINQ card says "jam", the next player (who in this example has a blank card) might want others to think he has a LINQ and states "traffic" to bluff other players. The player with the other real LINQ card probably knows the player who said "jam" is his LINQ so he might also bluff and say "thumbtack" or should he give a subtle clue like "fields" to confirm his suspicions? And the tangled web of deceit has begun! This game is a true original with a huge "A-ha!" factor that you must simply play to completely appreciate. Get ready for a total head trip! Varying points are awarded depending on which round a player attempts to identify the LINQ. First to 10 points is the winner. 4 or more players. Ages 10 and up. For more examples of game-play, visit
SKU: 2557

Massage Mouse

Tiny Massage Mouse uses traditional Chinese methods to soothe sore muscles and relieve stress--big time! Simply stick the small, thin pads anywhere on your body (stiff neck, tight shoulders, sore lower back, over-exercised thighs or calves), and you'll feel an amazingly lifelike massage that's better than real fingers! Bio-electric simulation technology makes it so realistic--and makes it feel so good. It's the same technology used by some chiropractors to relax sore muscles and reduce pain. All it takes is 30 minutes and you'll feel refreshed and relaxed. Perfect for use while traveling, it's so small you can even use it while at your desk or watching TV. Use it on your thighs for passive exercise of cellulite areas. Choose from variable frequencies and intensities. Comes with two pairs of self-stick massage pads plus one mouse-shaped controller. Uses just one 9-volt battery, included. 4-1/4x3".
SKU: 1049

Folding Electronic Keyboard

Exclusive: Everyone in the office "oohed" and "aahed" over this nifty music maker. It's like holding a mini-symphony in your hands (but a lot lighter!). This 32-key keyboard features push button controls for eight different instrument sounds, eight background rhythms, four percussion effects and four special sound effects. The ingenious folding design measures just 4 1/4 x 10 1/2 x 7" when closed. Includes volume and tempo controls, plus headphone jack and carrying case. Uses 4 AA batteries, not included.
SKU: 1366

Talking Polly Bird

No ordinary birdbrain, this colorful resin parrot records and repeats everything she hears. Includes perch stand and adjustable perch ring for your finger. Uses 4 button batteries, included. 5-1?4"H.
SKU: 4579

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