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A Little Faith

By Dona Gelsinger. 20x27", 1000 pieces. Special! Buy any 3 or more jigsaw puzzles and save $3 on each!
SKU: 2726

Quick Fire Puzzles - Logical

Quizmo will tell you if your answers are right or wrong, give you your current score at any point and rate you from a numskull to genius! 96 pages and contains 180 puzzles.
SKU: 2841

Mystery Machine Digital Alarm Clock

No mystery here: when it’s time to get up, this van-shaped alarm clock honks its horn. Digital clock includes night light feature with on/off switch. Touch car top for snooze button. Plugs in, battery back-up uses 1 9V battery, not included.
SKU: 1861

Atari 10 in 1 Game

Just plug the joystick into your TV or VCRs A/V in ports and play the very best games from Atari, the video game pioneer. Now you can relive the good times you had by once again playing classics like Centipede, Asteroids, Missile Command, Battlezone, Adventure, Combat and more! Simple and small, you can use it at home, at friend's house or even in a hotel room. Uses 4 AA batteries, not included.
SKU: 1893

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