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Zing Shot

What product did our staff fight over this month? Zing Shot! Everybody wanted a turn. Just pull back the elastic bands, then release the grip: the amazing Zing Shot Flight Launcher sends the special foam Turbo-Airfoil flying up to 120 feet (all the way across our office as straight as an arrow)! Glides through the air, but won't hurt anyone or anything in its path. Play catch, or try football, baseball or golf. Comes with one launcher and two turbo Airfoils. Launcher is 31" long. Ages 10 and up.
SKU: 5455

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Lap Loom

Weave wall hangings, pillows, purses and more just like an expert—it’s so easy and all the instructions are included! Kit contains 121?4x171?2" wooden loom, a starter pack of yarn, 2 shedsticks, shuttle and needle. Works with any yarn, so you can have a lifetime of relaxing, creative use! Ages 7 to adult.
SKU: 5751

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Desktop Air Hockey Game

Exclusive: Find a flat surface and you can enjoy fast-moving air hockey action anywhere, anytime. Switch it on and watch the puck float on a cushion of air. Push buttons to activate flippers and send the puck flying. Easily converts from 2 to 4-player use. Call all your friends for an exciting team tournament! Uses 2 C batteries, not included. 18x18x4".
SKU: 5757

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Pie Iron Campfire Cookbook

Includes 150 family-favorite recipes. Softcover. 64 pages.
SKU: 2952

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