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Capital City Jigsaw Puzzle

By A. Chen. 24x33", 1500 pcs. Special! Buy any 3 or more jigsaw puzzles and save $3 on each!
SKU: 5647

Gumball Machine Bank

Exclusive: Insert your penny (or any coin) and turn the crank to dispense gum, peanuts or jelly beans. 9" high. Gumballs not included.
SKU: 1037

Play TV Snowboard virtual reality game

Go snowboarding right in your family room. It's the next generation of video game play, with the action and sound coming from your TV. Games plug into any standard TV audio/video jack or VCR and deliver high quality graphics and virtual, interactive game play that puts you in the middle of the action. Stand on the board and go down the course, competing for time and style points. As you navigate and perform tricks, watch the action in full color and stereo sound on your TV. Speed up, avoid obstacles and collect power balls to increase your score. 4 different games: free ride/trick run, timed slalom, half-pipe and big-air competition. Accommodates up to 180 lbs. Ages 8 to adult.
SKU: 4557

Simpsons Jeopardy Trivia Game

Play the wackiest version of Jeopardy yet, based on trivia from the Simpsons television show. With 47 categories and over 1100 answers, you and your friends can show off how you just happen to know way too much about Bart, Homer, Comic Book Guy, Flanders, Apu and the rest. Includes 47 game sheets with answers, game console, play money, game die, value display cards, clickers, instructions and questions. Ages 12 and up.
SKU: 1780

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