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Knit Purse Kit - Fun Fur

Furry, fuzzy yarn is all the rage, and now you can make your own fuzzy accessories—no experience necessary—in about 4 hours! Trendy purse measures 7x7" when finished. Aqua. All-in-one knit kit comes with everything you need, including knitting needles, yarns and easy-to-follow instructions.
SKU: 6481

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Trivial Pursuit Know-It-All Edition Game

True trivia lovers rejoice-the all new edition of official cards for your favorite game has finally arrived! Know-it-All Edition contains over 1000 new general-knowledge questions to test and tantalize your skills. Play using the score sheets and special dice included, or make these cards part of your Trivial Pursuit Standard Edition. Ages 10 to adult.
SKU: 5004

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Sony & Cher DVD Set

The beat definitely goes on in this 3-DVD collector's set featuring over 9 hours of all the greatest moments, hit songs, jokes, and special guests from The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour. You'll relive the magic, from their 1971 debut through their final season. Includes commentary from Cher, interviews, music videos, network promos, karaoke sing-alongs and more.
SKU: 5791

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Cathedral World Strategy Game

Friends will be most curious when they spy this architecturally intriguing game sitting on your coffee table. Based on a walled medieval city, with detailed reproductions of 32 world famous structures like the Great Wall of China, Big Ben, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and more. Players are challenged to control as much of the city as possible by erecting the most buildings of their color and possessing the "citizens of the world" statue within their control. Based on the classic game of Cathedral, chosen by Games Magazine as one of the best strategy games of the year. Entertaining, strategic and educational fun for two players. 10x10x3" high. Ages 8 to adult.
SKU: 5391

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