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Executive Bar Bells

Gleaming nickel-plated brass barbells are convenient for the busy exec with no time for the gym. Each 2-pound weight has a sleek ergonomic design. 6-1/2" long. Includes carry case.
SKU: 5944

Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat Jigsaw Puzzle

By A. Haynes. 19x30", 1000 pcs. Special! Buy any 3 or more jigsaw puzzles and save $3 on each!
SKU: 4469

Chaos Tower

Create hundreds of motorized variations. Assemble the framework and chain drive, then lay out the track, making sure to include loop-de-loops and hair-raising turns for fun. Then, set the ball in motion and watch it climb to the top, then soar down the track past chimes and xylophones, over the trampoline and through the vortex toward the basket elevator below (which runs continuously on an electric motor), that carries it back to the top. Mix two sets together for twice the action. Named Product of the Year by Informal Education Products. 508 pieces. Ages 8 and up.
SKU: 4712

Bunco Party in a Tin

Millions of Americans are rediscovering this classic dice game - and the fun party atmosphere that goes along with it. How do you play? Simply try to get three of a kind ("BUNCO!") when it's your turn to roll the dice. Kit comes with everything you need for Bunco night, including invitations, dice, scorepads, pencils, bell and even a large fuzzy die. Most fun to play with 12 people, but comes with rules for 2-11 players, too. Ages 8 and up.
SKU: 2510

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