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Elvis Slot Handheld Game

Handheld electronic Elvis slot game proves The King lives and sings! Hear his classic "thank you very much" every time you spin the reels. Win big and Elvis performs and shakes his hips on the dot-matrix screen. Max your bet and enter the special bonus round to test your Elvis trivia knowledge. Answer correctly and get additional Elvis performances. Uses 2 AA batteries, included. Ages 8 to adult.
SKU: 3731

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Talking Donald Trump Doll

Wish you could go a few rounds in the Boardroom? Dream of trying out for The Apprentice? Now you can play mini-mogul with your own Donald Trump doll. He speaks 17 phrases in The Donald's real voice, including advice ("Think big and live large") as well as boardroom dismissals like, "I should fire myself just for having you around," and "I have no choice but to tell you, you're fired." 12" tall. Ages 8 and up.
SKU: 2267

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Xmas Story Leg Lamp

Anybody who's laughed as Ralphie's dad pries open the crate to reveal his major award (in the classic movie A Christmas Story) will love this tabletop replica lamp complete with fringed fabric shade. 3-way switch allows the fishnet-leg to glow (perfect as a large nightlight). Gift Boxed. UL-listed. Three-way bulb required. Measures 20"H.
SKU: 5792

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Spirit of St. Louis Music System

Listen to your favorite music & enjoy a bit of true Americana. Pull out the CDs and unpack your old vinyl records and albums or tune to your favorite contemporary AM/FM station. At last there's a stereo system designed to please every decade of music fan. And it looks so much better than todayÆs cold, plastic stereos. The nostalgic oak cabinet holds a full-function CD player, AM/FM stereo receiver and cassette player. Lift the hinged lid to reveal a quality turntable. Designed to look like a 1940s-era hi-fi, right down to the mesh-covered speakersùbut you'll be blown away by the full, rich stereo sound! 18x14x9".
SKU: 2495

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