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Flying Superman

Attach hanger to the ceiling with mounting provided, switch it on, and your superhero flies in a circle pattern at the end of a tether as their capes blow in the wind. Use 2 AA batteries, not included. 9x14".
SKU: 6497

Hollywood Jigsaw Puzzle

Exclusive: Hollywood's greatest stars are depicted in their most memorable roles. Artist: James Mellett. 30x24". 1000 pieces. Special! Buy any 3 or more jigsaw puzzles and save $3 on each!
SKU: 4428

This VS That Game

Sleek game module is at the center of this witty game that poses thought-provoking questions where teams race to identify 5 similarities where there logically shouldn't be any. The action gets intense as teams scramble to secretly build their top 5 lists. Then, teams switch lists and one player becomes a clue giver to his teammates using clues, hand gestures and sound effects to try to get them to guess their opponents list words. The twist: the time it took one team to come up with their list is the exact amount of time the other team has to guess - and vice versa. Game module gives random questions and keeps time and score for you. Uses 3 AA batteries, not included. Ages 12 and up.
SKU: 2549

Butt/Face Comic Towel

A fun gift for a friend who hates doing laundry. Now he won’t get the two ends of his bath towel mixed up. "Butt" and "Face" are embroidered on each half of the 100% cotton towel. 44x25".
SKU: 1915

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