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"Cruising Classics" Car Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle

“Cruising Classics” by Lewis T. Johnson. 11x36”, over 500 pieces. Special! Buy any 3 or more jigsaw puzzles and save $3 on each!
SKU: 3918

Dirty Minds Game

Seemingly filthy clues point toward the most innocent answers in the world’s cleanest dirty game. The dirtier mind you have, the worse you’ll do! Players take turns reading clues and guessing “clean” answers. Includes 912 naughty clues, 304 clean answers, 50 game cards, puzzle booklets and pencils. For 2 to 6 open-minded adult players.
SKU: 4429

Make Your-Own-Opoly Personalized Board Game

Played just like the famous board game, only you personalize it just for you! All it takes is pen and scissors or PC and printer to customize your own Opoly game, including board, deeds, game cards and even the money and box itself. Comes complete with easy-to-use CD-ROM software plus floppy disk and computer paper for production-quality results. 2 to 6 players. Ages 8 to adult. Computer Requirements: PC with 386SX Processor, Windows 3.1 or later, DOS 3.0 or later, 8 Megs of RAM, Dot Matrix, Laser, or Ink Jet Printer.
SKU: 8937

Pass The Pigs "Dice" Game

The object is to be the first to score 100 points using “pigs” as dice. The positions that the pigs land in such as a "snouter" or "leaning jowler" determine your points. Be careful not to throw a "pig out" and loose all your points! Includes travel case, 2 pig dice and instructions. Ages 7 to adult.
SKU: 3802

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