G.I. Joe Featuring Sgt. Rock - Victory at Normandy Accessory Set for 12" Military Action Figures at eToys online discount store


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G.I. Joe Featuring Sgt. Rock - Victory at Normandy Accessory Set for 12" Military Action Figures

Sergeant Rock continues to lead the fight with a new accessory set featuring his famous battle-worn uniform. As depicted in the comic, Sergeant Rock's uniform shows the scars of true battle and restless ambition. But just because the battle is taking its toll does not mean that the Sergeant is still not boldly trooping on ahead. The Sergeant Rock accessory set includes an ammo belt, machine gun, metal grenades, a canteen and a map - everything needed to relentlessly continue in the fight until the bitter end. Figure sold separately.

Manufacturer: Dreams and Visions

ZooCube (GC)

ZooCube is a new, advanced puzzle game filled with fast-paced, reflex action. Simple to learn, but tricky to master, ZooCube brings frantic, heart-racing action to the Nintendo GameCube. Think outside the cube and put your puzzle-solving skills to the test with the only 3D puzzle game available on GameCube. Animals around the world have been transformed by shape-altering science experiments. You must use the ZooCube to save them. Rotate. Stack. Match. React. No two puzzles are the same. You can even play cooperatively with a friend or in head-to-head battle. Features: Addictive, intoxicating puzzle action (think Tetris) Special power-ups, bonuses and mind-bending three-axis rotation 12 different modes with over 100 hours of gameplay

Manufacturer: Acclaim

The Lord of the Rings "Armies of Middle-Earth": Theoden on Horseback 3" Action Figure

The battle for Middle Earth comes to life with Art Asylum's Armies of Middle Earth Collection, featuring over 60 figures and six environments from The Lord of the Rings motion picture trilogy. Amass your own legions of warriors and re-create any epic scene, down to the last authentic detail. Create battles so real that you may just feel the ground shake. At a mere 3-inch scale, these detailed figures and environments give Lord of the Rings enthusiasts the power to realistically re-create epic conflicts with fully populated armies. Meticulously sculpted, these warriors feature up to six points of articulation and come with removable accessories and bases. Figures are small enough scale for collectors to create comprehensive displays, but large enough to showcase incredible detail. This figure is a 3-inch Theoden on Horseback.

Manufacturer: Play Along

WordSense Game

Develop your lexiconic sixth sense with WordSense, the rapid-fire word game that goes anywhere you do. The thirty-one tiles and two dice fit neatly into the hard-sided carrying case for easy travel. With so many variations in game play, WordSense will keep kids and adults alike engaged for hours. Players take turns flipping letter tiles and racing to think up words that contain those letters. For example, flip S-P-O, and call out STOP, POSTER, PREPOSTEROUS or OPPOSITE. Be the first to correctly call out a word, and keep the tiles. The player with the most points when the game ends is the winner. Includes: 31 letter tiles, 2 dice, scorepad, pencil and carrying case. For 2 to 6 players.

Manufacturer: Binary Arts

Star Wars Attack of the Clones Jedi Starfighter Galactic Chase SFX Game

Seek, chase, lock on target and destroy the enemy! You control the action in the Jedi Starfighter Galactic Chase SFX Game. Flashing LED lights on the control panel alert approaching enemy fighters. You must maneuver your starfighter up, down, left and right - but be alert to enemy ships zeroing in on you. Game features: trigger button controls and digitized movie sound effecting including explosions, engines, laser cannons, thrusters and character speech. Requires 2 "AAA" alkaline batteries (included).

Manufacturer: Tiger Electronics

The Wedding Planner Game

You'll have a blast putting together your dream wedding in this fun-filled Wedding Planner game. Race other blushing brides to take care of all the essentials like selecting the wedding date, purchasing wedding bands and, of course, choosing your wedding gown. Gain happiness points along the way for every completed task. Watch out for setbacks along the way - what if the groom's ex-girlfriend pays an unexpected visit or a bridesmaid gains 50 pounds? If your pocketbook and your love survive the planning - you've made it to the big day. But only the happiest bride wins the game. Includes: gameboard, four pewter pawns, 20 gift tiles, six salary cards, six special gift cards, 32 wedding essential cards, die, label sheet, happiness score pad, pack of play money and instructions. For 2 to 4 players.

Manufacturer: Milton Bradley

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