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WWE Adrenaline Series #6: The Hurricane and Rosey Action Figure 2-Pack

Recreate the greatest moments in the ring with Adrenaline WWE action figures. Made with Real Scan technology, these authentic figures feature a stunning likeness of real WWE wrestlers. The Hurricane and Rosey are fully articulated, fully poseable and created in Real Scale design. Figures measure approximately 7" tall. Collect them all.

Manufacturer: Jakks

LeapPad Plus Writing System: Kindergarten Math

Leap into learning early math concepts with Leap, Tad and Lily. LeapPad Plus Writing Kindergarten Math is made just for kindergartners who use the LeapPad Plus Writing Learning System (sold separately). With this interactive book, your child joins the gang as they bake treats to earn money for the fair. Throughout the journey, kids are taught basic addition, counting up to 50, number writing, how to count money and more. Interactive and engaging, this book teaches through games and audio instruction and enables kids to get a jump-start on mathematics.

Manufacturer: LeapFrog Toys

LEGO Make and Create Technical Wonders: Fork Lift

No construction crew can tackle a job without a good fork lift. Get busy at the job site with this imaginative LEGO kit. Press down on the forks and watch them rise when you let go. Load up the lift and carry the cargo where it needs to go. Then rebuild the Fork Lift into an awesome Dune Buggy. Includes 72 LEGO pieces.

Manufacturer: LEGO Systems

Rescue Heroes RoboTeam: Back Draft Firefighter Robot Action Figure with Video

When disaster strikes and conditions are even too dangerous or difficult for the Rescue Heroes characters, they call on their robot team to assist in the rescue. Back Draft, the Firefighter Robot, is designed to save fire victims trapped in upstairs bedrooms and burning buildings. His trusty axe pivots around in his hand to chop through debris and barriers. Back Draft's body transforms into a ladder that extends to let him rise to the occasion. He takes aim with his water blaster and launches "water" bombs into the burning inferno to put the fire out. When fire and smoke fill the scene, you'll be glad Back Draft's on the team! Figure measures approximately 8 inches tall and comes with a Rescue Heroes VHS video. Colors may vary from item shown.

Manufacturer: Fisher Price

Barbarian (PS2)

With its perfect blend of exhilarating fighting and deep RPG storytelling, Barbarian will take you further than any fighting game has ever taken you before.Heroes of Barbaria have waged war since the dawn of time, ravaging the Earth as they battle with traditional weapons and magic. They must stop the madness forged by the evil Zaugg, and end his growing power. But that's just the beginning. Each Barbarian comes with a unique story, quest and destiny. Only one will succeed.In the quest mode, you learn your character's story and goals. Each branch you choose and each battle you win or lose will impact the rest of the story. Barbarian features a unique multiplayer mode. One to four players can compete simultaneously with up to eight different fighters on the screen at the same time.

Manufacturer: Titus

Zodiac Girlz: Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)

The Zodiac Girlz are an international group of cosmic best friends with personalities sent straight from the stars. They inspire individuality, creativity and just being the best person you can be. Each of the 9.5 inch fashion dolls has a unique style, accessories and characteristics based on her astrological sign. There's a Zodiac Girl in everyone! Virgo is an Earth girl with a down-to-earth attitude. She loves organizing the Zodiac Girlz cosmic adventures and trying new tricks on her skateboard. Doll measures approximately 9.5 inches tall. Collect them all.

Manufacturer: Integrity Toys, Inc

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