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Popeye the Sailor Bendable and Poseable Character Collectible Figures 5-Piece Set

A classic character for over 75 years, Popeye the Sailor Man has become a cultural icon with his anchor tattoos on his forearms and pipe poking out the side of his mouth. Now Popeye and four of his comic compatriots are available as poseable, bendable figures with this 5-piece collectible set. Set includes: Popeye, Wimpy, Olive Oyl, Brutus and Swee' Pea. Popeye measures approximately 5 inches tall.

Manufacturer: N.J. Croce Company

WWE Smackdown!: Here Comes the Pain (PS2)

Join your favorite WWE superstars as they take to the mats yet again in the next game of the SmackDown series. In this updated version, you create and develop your own WWE superstar. The improved control system puts you fully in charge of the action. There are 55 wrestlers in all, with more realistic attributes for strength, submission, technique, speed and stamina. Plus, you can track your progress with seasonal stats and earn money you can use to find hidden treasures.

Manufacturer: THQ

G.I. Joe WWII Liberators: Devil's Brigade 12" Action Figure

In 1942, the Allied forces formed the First Special Service Force to go on deep raids against enemy-controlled facilities. But it was the night raids they conducted in Anzio, Italy, that earned this force the nickname the "Devil's Brigade." The reason: The troops attacked with great speed and agility before disappearing into the darkness. Action figure comes with M1 helmet, shirt, mountain trousers, jump boots, belt with M-1936 field suspenders, V-42 fighting knife, sheath, grenades, .45 cal. pistol, .45 cal. pistol clip, holster, ammo pouches, canteen, entrenching tool with cover, M1941 light machine gun (LMG), LMG ammo clips and LMG bipod. Figure measures approximately 12" tall.

Manufacturer: Hasbro

Sony DUALSHOCK 2 Controller (PS2) - Black

The DUALSHOCK 2 Controller has a built-in vibration mechanism that provides realistic feedback when used with a supporting game title. Feel the controller jolt with every bump, blow, crash and knock-out. The Sony controller offers precision digital control and can also be used with in its analog mode (no vibration), with the exception of the "start" and "select" buttons, to provide a wider variety of user operations and a more compelling interactive experience.

Manufacturer: Sony

Rayman (PSX)

Jump into the world of Rayman, or to be more accurate, Rayman's six worlds with as many as 60 levels. This exciting graphic adventure has pushed the limits of technology with eye-popping animations, using up to 65,000 colors, 60 frames per second and five independently scrolling backdrops. Travel the vast worlds and come face to face with over 50 unique and hilarious characters, including enemies who adapt to your actions and fight back intelligently. Accumulate and combine your skills as you advance through hidden passages and traps, defeat bazarre enemies, rescue Rayman's friends and restore peace and harmony to the world.ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)

Manufacturer: UbiSoft

Cabela's Dangerous Hunts (Xbox)

Cabela's Dangerous Hunts challenges players' hunting abilities with a selection of playable modes and features different animals, scenery, and challenges. Career Hunt mode, the primary game mode, progresses over time through two types of game play -- challenges and charters. The hunt begins during the fall and upon successful completion of the sequence, the season progresses to winter, where the player will be dealt a new list of challenges and charters to select from. Seasons continue to change each time a hunt is completed. A diverse array of hunting challenges present themselves to players, but they may also face unique challenges derived from previous hunting encounters. A unique player-hunter character will be created through each progression of challenges and charters. Each player's experience will differ from hunt to hunt. Additionally, gamers may select from two other hunting modes. Quick Hunt mode allows players to fashion a hunt to their specifications. In this mode, they single out an animal to hunt, decide which region and season to hunt in, select the gear they intend to use, and immediately embark on the hunt. In Action Zone mode, players face 12 levels of non-stop dangerous animal action while they navigate through the waypoints on each map.

Manufacturer: Activision

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