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WWII: 4th Anniversary 4-in-1 Fallschirmjager "Max" 12" Military Action Figure with Parachute

Dragon Models' 12-inch figures are the next generation of 1:6 scale military action figures. Each figure has a highly flexible 12-inch body and a life-like head sculpt with unique character. The super posable bodies feature triple-jointed arms and legs to allow them to perform difficult poses. Figures are equipped with uniforms featuring fully detailed decorations. These historically accurate military collectibles are authentic to the original weapons, uniforms and accessories of actual soldiers from various military eras and are designed specifically for the adult collector. Dragon's 4th Anniversary figure is "Max": Fallschirmjager, Crete 1941. This highly detailed 12-inch military figure comes packaged in a double (Gatefold) box and is a "Four in One" -- the figure is convertible into four different German figures: Recon Scout, Machine Gunner, Squad Leader and Flammenwerfer 41. Plus, Max also includes an aircraft Ju52 exit door/fuselage backdrop diorama and full gear including cloth KAR-98k ammunition bandolier, KRETA cufftile, functioning parachute and much more.

Manufacturer: Dragon Models

Marvelette The Mustang

Giddyup partner! Marvelette is ready to take some lucky little girl for a ride into the sunset. Made of sturdy plastic, this ride-on horse features a black painted mane, pink saddle and harness and a few pink accents. The plastic handles and metal footrests allow your child to ride safely while providing balance and stability. Perfect for the young horse enthusiast. Talking voice box not available with this item. Measures approximately 24" x 16" x 24".

Manufacturer: Amloid Corporation

Horse Pals 60-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Enjoy a rural scene with three happy horses when you complete this puzzle.Made by Ravensburger, a trusted name in children's games and puzzles. Includes 60 pieces. Measures approximately 10.33" x 14.25" when complete.

Manufacturer: Ravensburger

Beyblade VForce: Spinning Spirits Dranzer High Performance Top

Prepare for battle. Use the ripcord to send the Spinning Spirits Dranzer High Performance Top spinning toward victory in your Beystadium Arena (sold separately). Top measures approximately 4 inches tall. Collect them all.

Manufacturer: Hasbro

Powerpuff Girls: Mojo Jojo's Pet Project (PC)

Danger looms in Townsville, and once again Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup must save the day. Fly into action with the Powerpuff Girls. Battle back the evil Mojo Jojo's pet project. He's created hordes of mutant roaches, gigantic mammals and mammoth marine creatures. Defeat the nasty beasts with special powers such as an ear-piercing sonic scream, eye-popping laser eyes or mind-numbing ice breath. Train with the girls in the simulator room. Between battles, create an in-game comic book that captures your adventures against crime. There's also special Powerpuff Girls items for you to print.

Manufacturer: Bay Area MultiMedia Inc

Retro Basketball

Shoot and score with pinball-style game of hoops. Includes everything you need to play basketball on your dining room table. Comes with a basketball, shooting mechanism, scoring wheels, brass hoop with net and hand-painted gym wall backboard that doubles as a lid. Play H-O-R-S-E, 3-point shootout, and half court games. Measures approximately 14" x 13.5" x12.25".

Manufacturer: Creata International LTD

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