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Earlyears: Squeak E. Mouse Gets Dressed

This very fashionable mouse is sure to quickly become a favorite friend of your loved one. Child will learn how to dress Squeak E. Mouse by pulling on his pants, buttoning his shirt, zippering his jacket, pullling up his hood, buckling and tying his shoes, and snapping his back pack. Unlike other "dress me" toys, Squeaks clothing can be completely removed. Great for developing hand-eye coordination and learning dressing sequence. Brighly colored Squeak is sure to attract attention and be a pal for life with his soft, huggable body and curly-Q tail.

Manufacturer: International Playthings, Inc

Spider-Man Comic Book Cover: Spider-Man "Coming Home" Silk Poster

With a blockbuster movie and a history of comic book success, Spider-Man is one of the most popular and well-known superheroes ever to emerge from the pages of a comic book. Collectible Concepts Group, Inc. is proud to present a new line of collectibles based on this tremendous superhero. This collectible Spider-Man Wall Scroll shows off stunning full-color artwork on durable high-quality fabric. The fully adjustable hanging hooks make it easy to hang wherever you like. Unlike posters, the wall scroll is easy to roll up and store and it doesn't crumple or wrinkle. Display classic artwork from the Spider-Man comic book Coming Home with this beautifully designed scroll. Measures approximately 27" x 36."

Manufacturer: Collectible Concepts Group, Inc.

Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack

Some things never go out of style. A rainbow of five rings fits over a cone with rocking base. Stacking toys help baby develop fine motor skills while encouraging cognitive abilities. Made of teethable material.

Manufacturer: Fisher Price

Mega Bloks Mega Truck

This oversized dump truck that really works, can hold up to 49 colorful interconnecting Maxi Mega Blok building pieces. This set of well-constructed blocks will help children develop coordination and spatial skills as they learn how to constuct, manipulate and take apart their creations. Children will love playing with this durable red and yellow plastic construction truck that comes with scoop arm mounted beside the cab and is filled with a variety of play pieces and workman character pieces. The blocks can be stacked inside for easy clean-up and storage.

Manufacturer: Mega Bloks

Breyer Stablemates: Horspital Play Set

Stablemates are miniature Breyer horses featuring the same careful details you'll find in their larger models. They're fun to play with, great to collect, easy to customize and affordable for all collectors. The Horspital is where the horses go to get better when they're sick. This Play Set comes complete with mare and foal, blankets, corral fencing, green rubber hose, water trough, bucket, hay bale, medical kit, pitchfork, pretend ointment and pretend spray bottle. Mare measures approximately 3.5" x 3".

Manufacturer: Reeves International Inc.

Backyard Safari: Bug Catcher

Catch your insect friends in a safe and humane way with this Backyard Safari Bug Catcher. This fun outdoor toy captures insects by battery-operated vacuum suction power without harm into a clear plastic capsule. You can view the bugs through the magnifier in the capsule. Then you can either release the insects back to the outdoors or into the Backyard Safari Bug Habitat (sold separately) built especially to house small insects. The "capture core" even includes a magnifier for cool viewing. Batteries included.

Manufacturer: Summit Financial Product Inc.

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