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BRIO: Red Engine

This brightly colored engine from BRIO is ready to haul train cars around! With realistic graphics and magnetic coupling for pull and push play, this engine is sure to brighten up any of your BRIO train sets.

Manufacturer: Brio Corp.

USA Radio Control Cruiser Speed Boat

Captain your own offshore power boat by radio control. Megatech's USA Radio Control Cruiser boat arrives completely assembled and ready to run. Conveniently powered by alkaline batteries, this craft is perfect for small ponds and backyard pools. Twin propellers are individually controlled from the transmitter to provide forward, reverse and left/right turning functions. Measures over 16" long with a 5" beam. Features fully proportional forward, reverse, left, right. Requires one 9V battery and four "C" size batteries.

Manufacturer: Megatech

Mega Man X4 (PSX)

Play as either Mega Man or his sidekick Zero in this installment of the ongoing series. Battle armies of Reploid Robots while mastering all-new strategic moves like the Air Hover and Zero's Saber Tactic System as you explore the intricate passages and secret rooms in search of hidden items. The detailed cartoon-style animation is vibrant, the moves are inventive, and the plot intricate and mature.

Manufacturer: Capcom

Dive and Discover Sunken Ship Game

This is one ship that you'll want to sink. The Dive and Discover Sunken Ship Game features a boat that sinks to the bottom of the pool, and releases sea creatures that float at the appropriate depth for their species. Comes with an informative fish facts booklet.

Manufacturer: Aqua Leisure

Shadow Man: 2 Second Coming (PS2)

Mike LeRoi is Shadow Man, undead demon hunter and protector of the world. Follow him on a twisted voodoo journey through the darkestrecesses of the soul in the second chapter of the chilling Shadow Man epic, Shadow Man: 2econd Coming. Join forces with Shadow Man as he battles the Grigori, a group of sadistic demons that have been masquerading as humans for the past 2000 years and now seek to return their monstrous leader, Asmodeus, from the Pit. If they succeed, darkness and destruction of Biblical proportions will befall humanity - only the power of Shadow Man can stop them now...

Manufacturer: Acclaim

Max 16MB Memory Card (PS2)

Max Memory is not your average PlayStation 2 memory card. Aside from offering 16MB of true, uncompressed memory, Max Memory can go online using a broadband connection giving you access to hundreds of free game saves. Download saves, or share your saves with others using the game save community feature. Plus, if that wasn't enough, Max Memory lets you share your Eye Toy video messages online.

Manufacturer: Intec, Inc.

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