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Wireless Controller for Xbox

Sitting in one spot all the time gets boring. But wIth the wireless controller, you can have up to 100 hours of wireless Xbox play from up to 30 feet away -- with all of the same features as the usual controller. Requires 4 "AAA" alkaline batteries (not included). Product color may vary slightly from item shown.

Manufacturer: Intec, Inc.

1:3 Scale Radio Control Bombardier ATV 23" Vehicle

Put your child in control of the Bombardier all-terrain vehicle. This 1:3 Scale Radio Control version is the next-best thing to riding a real one. The full-function control gives kids complete command, and the authentic styling makes this Radio Control a real standout. Features authentic sounds and working lights. Measures approximately 23 inches long. Includes one 9.6V battery pack, charger and one "9V" alkaline battery.

Manufacturer: New Bright

Double-Twelve Color Dominoes in Collectors' Tin

Collectible tin comes with 91 shiny jumbo color dot dominoes, four domino trains for the Mexican train game, and instructions for 16 different game versions.

Manufacturer: Cardinal Industries

Justice League: Javelin 7 Vehicle with 4.5" Superman Action Figure

The Justice League uses their spacecraft, the Javelin-7, to travel between The Watchtower and wherever they are needed. The Javelin-7 is an ultra-advanced shuttle capable of reaching very high speeds. It is especially helpful for Justice League members who are not able to endure the harsh conditions of outer space. Designed to fit all of your 4.5-inch Justice League action figures, this awesome Javelin-7 vehicle features electronic sounds and firing missiles. Plus, the Attack Pod separates from the rest of the ship. Open the two canopies to reveal room for two action figures. Comes with a 4.5-inch Superman figure. Vehicle measures approximately 12 inches long. Requires 2 "AA" alkaline batteries (not included).

Manufacturer: Mattel

Star Wars: Obi-Wan (Xbox)

Join the legendary Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi as he takes on the worst scum and villainy the galaxy has to offer in level after level of fast-paced action. In Star Wars Obi-Wan, you'll call upon the Force and your powerful lightsaber as you face a mysterious new enemy, an assassin droid project and a devious plot that could dramatically shift the balance of power in the universe. Fight your way through an underworld trail of munitions dealers and crime lords-from the lowest depths of Coruscant and dusty Tatooine to the lush city of Theed. The Force is in your hands.

Manufacturer: LucasArts Entertainment Co.

Star Wars Episode II: "Orn Free Taa" Action Figure

Ten years after the fight to save Naboo from invasion, the galaxy is on the brink of civil war. Under the leadership of a renegade Jedi, thousands of solar systems threaten to secede from the Galactic Republic. A courageous Jedi Knight, his impulsive apprentice and a queen-turned-senator are drawn into the heart of the conflict and the beginning of war. A rutian Twi'lek, Senator Orn Free Taa has succumbed to a decadent lifestyle on Coruscant. Treating politics as sport, he uses his position to indulge his extravagant impulses. Includes 4-inch action figure and hovercam with base. Actual figure and package design may vary slightly from item shown.

Manufacturer: Hasbro Toy

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