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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutations - Mutatin' Shredder Soldier Action Figure

Evil Mutations twistedly transform from nasty ninja baddies to shell-smashing super-villains. They can use the ooze to pump up their terrifying turtle-stomping abilities. Shredder Soldier mutates from Oroku Saki to Shredder and back again. Figure measures approximately 5 inches tall and includes slimy ooze and sword.

Manufacturer: Playmates Toy, Inc

Super Sonic Speedway

Completely kid-powered, the Super Sonic Speedway brings your little thrill seeker all the action and excitement of high-speed racing. Send your cars circling through high-altitude loops, tear up sharp turns, gain speed on flat track and much more. No batteries required. Comes with 18 feet of track, lap counter and four sleek, speedy cars.

Manufacturer: Moose Mountain Marketing, Inc

KISS MiniMates: Gene Simmons 3" Action Figure

Take these pocket-size rockers with you anywhere. Fully articulated, these 3-inch rock star figures pack a lot of attitude. With a whopping 12 points of articulation, KISS MiniMates pave the way for a new era in action figures. Each toy comes packaged with a puzzle base. Collect them all, connect them to the base and you'll have a tiny army of MiniMates to display. Also known as "The Demon," Gene Simmons occupies both your dreams and your nightmares. Featuring a classic KISS makeover, this Gene Simmons figure measures approximately 3 inches tall.

Manufacturer: Art Asylum

Van Helsing: Monster Slayer Wave #2 - Anna Valerious 4.75" Action Figure

Set in the 19th Century, deep in the mountains of Carpathia lies the mysterious and mythic land of Transylvania. It creates a vivid, epic backdrop for this tale of ultimate evil against a lone force of good: Van Helsing. In his ongoing battle to rid the world of its fiendish creatures, Van Helsing joins forces with the fearless Anna Valerious. Join in on their travels to Transylvania to bring down Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster and The Wolf Man. Collect all the action figures based on the movie starring Hugh Jackman. Measures approximately 4.75". Recreate exciting scenes from the Van Helsing movie. Anna Valerious action figure comes complete with her own sword.

Manufacturer: Jakks

Ridge Racer PSX

You want to drive fast? Really fast? Nothing provides the adrenaline rush like Ridge Racer. State-of-the-art features include amazing control, neck-snapping acceleration and true-to-road realism. Killer 3-D polygon texture-mapped graphics and unrivaled car control. 13 race cars to choose from -- each with its own performance capabilities. 8 total track variations with additional "mirror" races. Jam to a built-in music track or put the pedal to the metal with your own music CDs.

Manufacturer: Namco

Girl Crush Airbrush Tattoo Refill Set

Ready for more tattoo designs and colors? Girl Crush Airbrush Tattoo set comes with extra colors, stencils and more. Requires Girl Crush Airbrush Tattoo set (sold separately).

Manufacturer: Spin Master Toys

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