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Bead 'n Beauty Teresa

Create beautiful beaded designs for Teresa. Choose a dress and a bead color, then use the bead shaker to shake on new sparkly styles to jazz up her look. Bead 'n Beauty Teresa comes with four fashion looks that girls can decorate and redecorate. Complete Teresa's look by making a matching beaded purse for her. Doll measures approximately 11.5 inches tall.

Manufacturer: Mattel

BRIO Builder System: Bob the Builder - Muck Builder Set

The Bob the Builder wooden sets are specially designed for the hard-working junior builder. Once built, the sturdy wooden construction machines are equipped with working features that improve manual dexterity and stimulate the child to recreate the adventures of Bob the Builder and his crew of machines. It's Muck to the rescue! This sturdy digger/dumper has caterpillar treads, a working scoop and a dump bed to lift up and down. Comes complete with building instructions and required tools. 39 parts in all.

Manufacturer: Brio Corp.

BRIO: Sorting Shapes

BRIO developmental soft toys "work" to awaken a child's senses and enhance their motor skills through the fun of discovery and play. Made of quality plush cotton Velour, these toys are designed especially for your young one! Help three cute friends - one mouse, one bee and one ladybug - to find the right home. This multi-patterned shape sorter features three removable soft shapes, each with embroidered features and a surprise sound. This toy helps to develop your baby's hand-eye coordination and shape recognition. The sound box inside the bee shape is powered by long-life, non-replaceable battery cells. Surface wash only.

Manufacturer: Brio Corp.

Haven: Call of the King (PS2)

Haven is the first game to truly combine ground-breaking "FreeFormer" gameplay technology and unbelievable real-time, fully open worlds. Play through an epic tale of a hero who seeks to liberate his people from the tyranny of enslavement. This incredibly detailed game provides total freedom to move anywhere, both on foot or in vehicles. Experience seamless transitions between turret-based shooting, boat racing, bike battles, plane flights, gladiator arena combat and space exploration.Features: "FreeFormer" gameplay: Allows freedom of movement in racing, shooting, flying, gliding, boating and dogfighting. 40 Gigantic Levels: Explore the Virescent Mines, swim the depths of the Overlords castle, race through underground caverns filled with boiling lava and fly to Lord Vetch's orbiting space station, Sylex. 16 Unique Vehicles: Ride the Cutwater ferry, race McWrench in the rocket-powered Quad-Racer, float over the Isle of Heroes in the Mist Glider and dogfight over the planet in the Dusk Raider spaceship. An Epic Adventure: Fight Vetch, the Fire Dragon, the Alien Insect Queen and the Seis-Mech III as you search the planet for The Golden Voice.

Manufacturer: Midway

Neon and Glow-in-the-Dark Magic PowerBalls

Have a ball making your own bouncing Magic PowerBalls. Making them is like magic, too. Just press the compound into four different molds to make 20 neon, glow-in-the-dark balls in four fun shapes.

Manufacturer: Curiosity Kits, Inc.

Magic: The Gathering (Xbox)

Magic: The Gathering is a real-time fighting/strategy game for the Xbox video game system. Become one of nine battling wizards in 16 different arenas, using over 70 spells from five spell books, to put together an endless amount of fighting combinations.Other features include: liOnline battles via Xbox Live or the Internet (requires Xbox Live Starter Kit, sold separately, and an active online account)Online content -- spells, wizards, and assorted extras -- updated regularly for player download Comprehensive single-player quests, allowing you to acquire spells and artifacts

Manufacturer: Infogrames, Inc.

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