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Armored Core 3 (PS2)

One entity ruled the world—it was named The Controller. The Controller handled the major decisions of everyone's life. People took it for granted that The Controller would handle every aspect of their lives for them. Under the rule of The Controller, people lived safe, yet uninspired lives of promised prosperity. As time went on, several powerful factions known as Corporations entered the scene. In their separate struggles to gain absolute power, the Corporations waged war upon each other. The Controller even manipulated the war between the Corporations. All was going according to the plans of The Controller, but somehow, the forces of chaos began to rise...Features:50 all-new solo missions All-new weapons and upgrades All-new 4-player mode

Manufacturer: Tommo, Inc.

Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway System: Mavis

All aboard the next stop along the learning curve . . . kids three and up will enjoy the magical adventures of the ever-popular Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway System. Featuring characters from the Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends video series and the Thomas and the Magic Railroad feature film now out on video, this system allows children to re-enact their favorite Thomas tales or create new adventures of their own. Besides encouraging imagination, wooden train-play helps kids develop motor and social skills. The Thomas Wooden Railway System is designed to grow along with kids' increasing skills, offering years of enjoyable play and new adventures around each and every bend. Thomas and his friends bring personality and fun to wooden train play. All aboard for adventure on the Island of Sodor! A fiesty young diesel engine, Mavis is high-spirited and often does things without thinking about their consequences. For use with Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway System sets (sold separately).

Manufacturer: Learning Curve Toys Intl, Inc.

Madeline and Friends: Classroom Accessories for 16" Ragdolls

From a sun-filled day at the beach to a chilly winter day, Madeline and Friends are ready for all sorts of adventures with these fun accessory sets. The Classroom Accessory Set comes with everything Madeline and her friends need for a day at school. Set comes with apple, chalkboard, school books, school bag, ruler, pencil and notebook. For use with 16-inch Madeline and Friends Ragdolls (sold separately).

Manufacturer: Learning Curve Toys Intl, Inc.

Action Replay for Nintendo GameCube

Imagine a product that lets you play GameCube games the way you really want to. Use Action Replay to help you defeat any GameCube game, or or breathe new life into an old game. Or, challenge yourself with import titles from Japan without making modifications to your console.This incredible new cheat system unleashes the true power of your Nintendo GameCube. With Action Replay, even a complete novice can become a real gaming guru overnight. It's the only cheat system designed specifically for GameCube. Using Datel's advanced proprietary technology, the Action Replay cheat system can unlock even the very toughest games at the press of a button.Straight out of the box you get a GameCube-sized Action Replay CD which contains hundreds of preloaded cheat codes for all your favorite games. You also receive a piece of hardware which must be inserted into your memory card slot before the Action Replay CD is loaded. This special card stores any new codes that you input (for example if you buy a new GameCube game), letting you build your own customized library of cheats.Features: Preloaded with loads of exclusive cheats for the latest and greatest GameCube games Totally unauthorized cheats and enhancements that you won't find anywhere else Easy to update with new cheats for new games Plug and play card, no memory card required for storing new cheats Unrivaled customer support means new cheats are usually available from day one of a game's release Play import games from any region without modifying your console using Datel's revolutionary "FreeLoader" technology Intuitive menu system Stylish, hi-resolution graphics Easy to use, no technical or programming knowledge required

Manufacturer: Datel Design & Development Inc

Learn to Read Phonics Desk System

This interactive learning system is designed to build a foundation for reading success. Through a combination of sight, sound and touch, your child learns letter sounds and combines those sounds to make words. The Phonics Desk includes 20 talking word cards that teach short vowels and consonants, plus three cards that teach long vowels, complex consonants and complex vowels. Word Cards feature silly stories, lively music and educational rhymes to introduce key language concepts. Requires 4 "AA" alkaline batteries (included).

Manufacturer: Leapfrog Software

Wooden Pizza Party Playset

Bring your appetite for fun and get ready for a delicious pizza party. This pizza isn't for eating, but it does have extra helpings of make-believe fun. Each pizza slice features Velcro connections that you can "cut" with the pizza slicer and serve with the wooden utensil. Then garish it with lots of colorful pizza toppings and "serve" dinner to your friends. All pieces are made from solid wood. Toppings include pepperoni, mushrooms and more. Stores easily in a handy wooden box. Measures approximately 10" x 13.5" x 2."

Manufacturer: Lights, Camera, Interaction

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