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Lamaze Books - Stage 2: Let's Go Out!

Lamaze books provide a special first experience with reading as parents and babies share the meaning of words, stories and pictures. Bright, engaging illustrations help inspire a love of reading among beginner readers.This adorable story follows baby on a big day out. Link this take-along book to strollers and carseats. Babies can pull on the book's ring to shake the car's "motor". Surface washable.

Manufacturer: Learning Curve Toys Intl, Inc.

Bruder Road Loader

Load all of your favorite building toys onto this Bruder Road Loader that looks and works just like the real thing. Made with sturdy, durable plastic, they're great for use indoors or out. this functional road loader features rubber-like tires, pivoting front half, opening back hood to reveal engine and a working loader with release button, allowing children to engage in realistic and creative play. Road Loader measures approximately 20 inches long.

Manufacturer: Bruder

Fun Slides Carpet Skates - Silver

Like socks on hardwood floors, Fun Slides give you that same thrilling, powerful glide -- on the carpet! These innovative Carpet Skates are designed with a friction-resistant plastic base for fast carpet sliding. A foam foot grip with an adjustable hook and loop closure keep your feet securely on the skates. Just strap them onto your shoes and you're ready to go. Great for just sliding around or for playing Carpet Hockey (equipment sold separately). One size fits all.

Manufacturer: Simtec

Power Team: Military Footlocker with 12" Military Action Figure- Caucasian

Setting up camp, military soldiers store their gear in their footlockers. This 12-inch Military Action Figure is no exception. He comes with a footlocker filled with military accessories including helmet, entrenching tool, rifle and much more. Footlocker is large enough to store the 12-inch figure inside along with all his accessories.

Manufacturer: M & C Toy Centre

Herdy Gerdy (PS2)

Gerdy, an apprentice herder, embarks on an epic quest to revive his father from an evil spell. His journey takes him across an island populated by an assortment of wild creatures. To avenge his father's nemesis and restore goodness to the island, Gerdy must hone his herding skills and ultimately compete in a magnificent tournament to become Master Herder. Features: Master the complex relationships between the wild inhabitants, Gerdy's herding techniques, and different environmental elements Control 12 unruly island species, each with their own intellects, personalities and behavior patterns Solve puzzles, manage resources, and employ a high level of strategic thinking to manipulate the various creatures Immerse yourself in a living, breathing world with lush graphics, incredibly fluid animation and an unparalleled level of detail Explore 27 expansive environments filled with more than 200 non-playable characters Experience absorbing, continuous gameplay without load times, detailed character skin and bone structure, a complex lighting system, and a seamless blend of natural-looking animation and control Acquire tools, guidance and experience from key non-playable characters by winning challenges and successfully completing side quests

Manufacturer: Eidos

Breyer Classics: Western Riding Gift Set

Showcasing a variety of breeds and colors from the bay Arabian to the spotted Pinto, authentic Breyer Classic-sized models are fun for play and collecting. Each model is created from an artist's sculpture, molded in durable cellulose acetate plastic, then hand-airbrushed to attain their realistic appearance. Breyer models are authentic reproductions of real horses. This Western Riding Gift Set comes complete with a palomino Classics scale horse with western style saddle and bridle, and rider action figure Cowgirl Annie. Annie is ready for a trail ride and wears black jeans, a white shirt, and a black cowboy hat. Horse measures approximately 9" x 6".

Manufacturer: Reeves International Inc.

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