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Little Tikes Playground

This extra-large gym in dazzling tropical colors provides unlimited hours of climbing, sliding and crawling fun. There are four different play levels, a large play area underneath and a sturdy, crawl-through tunnel. Two slides are included: one 3-foot and an extra-long, wavy 6-foot slide. Measures approximately 70" x 46" x 83".

Manufacturer: Little Tikes

Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway System: Cross and Switch Expansion Pack

The more track Thomas has to travel on, the more work he can get done. Made of North American Maple, this top-notch wooden track expands the roadways in your train layouts. Just add additional track pieces to your existing track set, or use them as a foundation for a new one. Plus, track pieces make a fun clickity-clack railroad sound when Thomas and the other engines travel on them. Little engineers can build busy intersections in their train town with this Cross and Switch Track Pack. Helps develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as they add crossings and switches into their layouts. Comes complete with all the track pieces you see pictured and a special Builder's Guide to aid in building more elaborate layouts.

Manufacturer: Learning Curve Toys Intl, Inc.

Gears! Gears! Gears! Activity Card Set

This set of 20 plus reusable activities, four bases, and 24 gears combines hands-on fun with early learning! The full-color, 8" x 8" activity cards are designed to fit over four gear bases, so that little hands can connect and manipulate gears within each illustration. Each non-language, pictorial activity is perfect for beginning readers. The cards build skills in matching, color recognition, patterning, and counting. Includes 40 pieces in all, along with teaching notes. Specifications may vary.Awards:The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval (2000)Dallas Child Hot Toys (2000)

Manufacturer: Learning Resources Inc.

Breakdown (Xbox)

Trapped inside a mysterious laboratory and unable to remember his past, Derrick Cole discovers his extraordinary powers as he fights for survival. Can he survive in a struggle against a determined military faction and a legion of seemingly invincible super-human warriors? Breakdown is a science-fiction thriller combining the best elements of shooters and fighters into a comprehensive first-person action-adventure game. Its intense storyline is revealed through high-end, real-time rendered graphics, bringing an incredible level of realism to the gameplay experience. The game features fierce hand-to-hand and weapons-based combat, challenging puzzles, surreal dream sequences, advanced A.I. and massive, detailed environments.Features:Unique first-person-view with a hand-to-hand and weapons-based fighting game system Unprecedented realism in a first-person view creates the ultimate action experience through a combination of combat, exploration and puzzle-solving Stunning, detailed and immersive 3D environments that for hours of exploration and discovery Includes licensed music soundtrack

Manufacturer: Namco

LEGO - Explore Being Me: Shape and Color Sorter

LEGO Explore: The Complete Discovery System engages young children in play and hands-on learning from the time of birth. Created in association with prominent child-development experts, LEGO Explore embodies a holistic approach to learning and development that celebrates the uniqueness of every child. Explore Being Me: Discovering who I am and what I can do. The world of Being Me promotes self-guided play, encouraging children to learn about themselves and the world around them on their own terms and at their own pace.Your baby can play with his new friends—a mouse, a chicken and a frog—and sort them in the colorful boxes. Each animal has his own special sound to add to the fun. Includes 6 LEGO pieces.

Manufacturer: LEGO Systems

Virtual on Marz (PS2)

Corporate crime has plunged the Planet Mars into an explosive war zone overrun with towering mech warriors known as Virtuaroids. As a member of the MARZ Special Investigation Unit, you'll pilot your war machine into the heart of intense battles, unleashing a hail of grenades, air mines, lasers, and missiles on the aggressive enemies. These enormous sword- and mace-wielding robots stand 49 feet tall and are surprisingly fast. Headquarters will constantly update your position with information and warnings as you stalk and defeat enemy Virtuaroids and gigantic bosses throughout your missions. You'll also be called upon to attack enemy locations and convoys, defend allied bases and convoys, and fight alongside other Virtuaroids in battle. Ultimately, you must restore peace on the planet by discovering the true identity of the mysterious forces that have infiltrated Mars. Good luck! Features:Intense VR combat at lightning fast speeds "Virtual Twin Stick" controls to bring the feel of the arcade home Exciting and varied missions that include assisted combat, boss battles, exploration, destruction of placement turrets, and more New solo-player Dramatic Mode where you can collect VirtuaroidsOver 35 playable characters, unlocking new Virtuaroids at key points in the story Exciting challenges for beginning level players and Ace pilots alike

Manufacturer: Sega of America

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