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Radio Flyer: Wagon Bed Pad for Model #29

Children will love riding in comfort on a soft seating pad. Wagon cushion has an easy-to-clean vinyl cover and velcro straps for easy on and off. Fits Model #29 All-Terrain Cargo Wagon only (wagon sold separately).

Manufacturer: Radio Flyer

Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo (Xbox)

Wallace & Gromit must liberate the zoo from the evil clutches of the maniacal penguin, Feathers. Feathers wants to make diamonds - lots of diamonds - and he'll stop at nothing to achieve his dream. Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo Features: You can charge through the game as the resourceful and adventurous Gromit and Wallace offer amusing, if sometimes dubious, hints. Race through five enormous, action-packed levels (with 24 sub levels and mini-arcade games) covering eight different animal houses in the zoo.This game is bursting with inventions and is designed to challenge the mind with fast-paced fun including: the Porridge Gun, Coal Flinger, Banana Launcher and Knitting Machine.Build contraptions invented by Wallace to aid your journey such as Springy Boots, Mine Cart, Toboggan and Gyrocopter.Bamboozle your way past Feathers' army of zookeepers, henchmen and mischievous monkeys.Take full advantage of your console's capabilities as it uses high poly count, multi-texturing, fogging, environment-mapping, lighting, shadowing and depth of field.Spot the parodies - dozens of scenes containing well-known adaptations of movie/game elements to add to the humor. Master tons of special moves from Gromit including head spins, back flips and the "sneaking" moves.

Manufacturer: Bay Area MultiMedia Inc

Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway System: Chinese Dragon

All aboard the next stop along the learning curve . . . kids three and up will enjoy the magical adventures of the ever-popular Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway System. Featuring characters from the Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends video series and the Thomas and the Magic Railroad feature film now out on video, this system allows children to re-enact their favorite Thomas tales or create new adventures of their own. Besides encouraging imagination, wooden train-play helps kids develop motor and social skills. The Thomas Wooden Railway System is designed to grow along with kids' increasing skills, offering years of enjoyable play and new adventures around each and every bend. Thomas and his friends bring personality and fun to wooden train play. All aboard for adventure on the Island of Sodor! Colorful, festive and fun, this train adds a sense of celebration to the Island of Sodor. For use with Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway System sets (sold separately).

Manufacturer: Learning Curve Toys Intl, Inc.

What's Her Face: What's Her Look "Wild" Doll

Does your little girl dream of being a fashion designer? What's Her Face: What's Her Look "Wild" doll comes with everything young designers need to create and make lots of trendy fashions for their doll. Cut and shape tubes of fabric to create tops, skirts, dresses and more, then add finishing designer touches with stylish stickers. Customize and personalize your "Wild" doll with different faces and expressions using the face stampers and markers. Comes with a fun outfit plus a tube of fabric, safety scissors, sheet of stickers, three colored markers, one pair of shoes, eye and mouth stampers, face mask and sponge. Doll measures approximately 11 inches tall. Collect them all.

Manufacturer: Mattel

My First Magic Set

Kids amaze and delight friends and family with the ten easy tricks included in My First Magic Set. Simple, detailed instructions walk kids through each trick, including "Magic Drawer Box," "Disappearing Block" and more. Includes instructions and carrying case.

Manufacturer: Cadaco


For 2 players.Europe's game of the decade is here! How do you create a game that's a smash hit in 30 different countries? Make it a game that anyone can learn in one minute, but that may take a lifetime to master. Loosely based on sumo wrestling, the point of Abalone is to push just six of your opponent's 14 marbles off of the playing surface. But there is a catch—it takes two marbles to move one, and three to move two. The six directions of movement allow for infinite strategies both offensively and defensively.

Manufacturer: University Games

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