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Lil' Bratz: Jade

The Lil' Bratz may be small, but they have big fashion sense. Each 4.5-inch, fully poseable Lil' Bratz doll comes with two fashion tops, two fashion bottoms, two pairs of snap-on shoes and a Lil' Bratzpack backpack.Slip clothes on and off to create more than 20 different styles. Collect them all.

Manufacturer: MGA Entertainment

Conflict Desert Storm II (PS2)

The guns are drawn and the war is raging. As Special Forces leader, it is your command that will send the troops to strike against Iraq's ruler and regime. Armed with authentically designed weapons and vehicles, it will take more than just an arsenal to take them down. You'll need skill and strategy to survive in this immense, raging battle.

Manufacturer: Take 2 Interactive

Van Helsing: Spinning Tojo Blades

During the late 19th century, the world's most famous monster hunter, Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, ventures to Europe to battle the likes of Count Dracula, the Wolf Man and Frankenstein's Monster. By his side is the ravishing Anna, a member of a family committed to ridding the world of evil. Relive scenes from the movie with light up Tojo Blades for ultimate role play battling action. The trigger fits easily in your hand for swift spinning action and lights up the blades for twilight combat.

Manufacturer: Jakks

Classic NES Series: Pac-Man (GBA and GBA SP)

Now you can take a trip back in time to experience a classic game of Pac-Man for the Game Boy Advance handheld system in commemoration of the 20th anniversary legacy of the original game. Munch all the dots on the stage before Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde make themselves a Pac snack.

Manufacturer: Nintendo of America

WWE Raw 2 (Xbox)

Get back in the ring with your favorite WWE superstars in THQ's WWE Raw 2. The updated roster features more than 55 WWE superstars. Plus, multiple match types let gamers put their wrestling skills to the test. Try Triple Threat, Fatal 4-Way, Battle Royal, King of the Rings and Tables, Ladders and Chairs and more. Gamers can compete in a multiplayer season mode with up to four players controlling their superstar and vying for the WWE championship. Features:Enhanced gameplay and control scheme Xbox exclusive: rip your favorite music tracks to the hard drive to create the ultimate Superstar entranceUpdated Create-a-Superstar mode A variety of backstage areas and new arenas TV-style presentation with fully scaled arenas, dynamic lighting and 3D crowds

Manufacturer: THQ

Whisper Wear Breast Cup

The Whisper Wear Pump milk collection system utilizes three washable, user-replaceable components: Breast Cup, Stem and Valve. One of each is needed per Pump. This soft, silicone Breast Cup replaces lost or damaged Breast Cups from your original Whisper Wear Pump Kit (sold separately) or may be kept as a spare to insure you always have a clean, functional Breast Cup on hand. Features: Comfortably conforms to contour of breast for proper seal Gently produces suction necessary for efficient milk collection Sealed nipple tunnel isolates milk from room air contaminants Washable and boilable

Manufacturer: Whisper Wear, Inc.

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