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Bubblin' Fishing Rod

Bubblin' fish are the catch of the day with this fun fishing rod. Go fishing in a "pond" with two colorful fish that are swimming in a kid-safe bubble liquid solution. Use the magnetized rod to grab a fish, reel it in and you're good catch will be rewarded with a stream of bubbles. Little Kids Inc.'s "Catch and Release" motto encourages little fishers to set the fish free in the bubble pond to play again. Bubblin' Fishing Rod comes with a dipping pond, two colorful bubble-making fish, 4 ounces of bubble solution and an instruction sheet. Bubble Pond liquid is no-stain, no-dye and non-toxic.

Manufacturer: Little Kids, Inc

Rescue Heroes HydroTeam Billy Blazes

What's the most powerful weapon of the Rescue Heroes HydroTeam? Water! Billy Blazes shoots powerful streams of it to douse big blazes from a safe distance. Just fill up the tank on his backpack with water, pump it up and pull back on the wand to shoot water just like a real fire hose. When things are heating up and it's the 11th hour, call the HydroTeam to pour on the rescue power! Billy Blazes measures approximately 6 inches tall.

Manufacturer: Fisher Price

Monster Bass (PSX)

It's the Bass Tournament of all tournaments! You'll use special giant baits and unique fishing locations to try and reel in four different types of scientifically mutated gigantic MONSTER BASS! Drop your fishing line and let the fights begin!

Manufacturer: Jack of All Games

Shrek 2: Secret Potions Lab Playset

Concoct hours of entertainment with Shrek's Secret Potions Lab. You'll get mixed up in all kinds of adventures with the green ogre and his friends. Beware, don't get crushed by the rollin' bowlin' cauldron. Make a hasty escape through a secret trap door, then use the elevator to get to the second floor. What is cooking in the potions lab vault? Peek through the keyhole to see a secret scene. Includes Potion Nabbin' Shrek and rope. Collect all of the Shrek 2 playsets to create an entire world of Shrek.

Manufacturer: Hasbro Toy

BRIO Bob the Builder: Travis and Spud

Straight from the popular TV show, Bob the Builder, Travis and Spud are ready to create endless new adventures on the wooden railway (sold separately). Fully poseable scarecrow Spud and his buddy Travis the wooden tractor have some work to do. Travis features magnetic coupling to connect with other BRIO Bob the Builder machines (sold separately). Travis measures approximately 2.75 inches long.

Manufacturer: Brio Corp.

PollyPocket! Costume Ball 17-Piece Set

Lila and Lea love dressing up, especially when they're headed to a big costume ball. This dynamic duo of friends comes with five different costumes including: cowgirl, bunny rabbit, cat, witch and angel. Set comes with four-inch Lila and Lea figures, plus 17 total pieces of fashions and accessories.

Manufacturer: Mattel

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