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Bratz Slumber Party: Cloe

It may be a Slumber Party, but who said anything about sleeping? Each Bratz girl brings a little something extra to make this sleepover fun, fashionable and unforgettable. Cloe's thing is to bring bathtime body care supplies so everyone can smell clean and fresh. Slumber Party Cloe comes with two comfy tops, two comfy bottoms, a beauty bathrobe, fuzzy slippers, eyemask, overnight Bratzpack and lots of bathtime body care and overnight accessories. With more than 25 pieces, you can create over 30 mix 'n match fashion styles. Cloe is fully articulated and measures approximately 10 inches tall. Collect all the Slumber Party Bratz.

Manufacturer: MGA Entertainment

Barbie Mystery Squad

Join the Mystery Squad, the coolest crew of mystery-solving teens. With the doll and your imagination, you'll solve the mystery of the prom queen's missing accessories. Comes with a stylish pair of sunglasses you can wear, Mystery Squad Barbie and plenty of "clues" to help you solve the mystery. Doll measures approximately 11.5 inches tall.

Manufacturer: Mattel

Rock, Roll and Ride Deluxe 3-in-1 Trike

The Rock, Roll and Ride Deluxe Trike features three modes of fun for your child's enjoyment, all accompanied by encouraging lights and music that are set off when your child makes specific motions. A rocking motion sets off music and lights when in the Rocking Mode. When in the Parental Assist Roll Mode, different lights and sounds flash when the handle bar is moved to the left or right. In the Trike Mode, fun lights and realistic motor sounds are activated when the trike is in motion. For children up to 50 pounds.

Manufacturer: Fisher Price

Razor Freestyle Scooter (GBA)

Everyone knows Razor Scooters are the most popular ride around. Now, Crave brings the hottest trend from the street to your Game Boy Advance. Take your scooter into the funbox with Razor Freestyle. Perform gravity-defying tricks, like no footers, tailwhips, tabletops and supermen. Add to the time bar by pulling off phat air on insane ramps and half-pipes. Grind ledges, high-flying wires, barrels and benches. Collect tokens scattered throughout the each level to unlock the coolest parks and modes.

Manufacturer: Crave Entertainment

Lamaze Bright Friends: Freddie the Firefly

From baby's first smile to the first real laugh you share together, you and your little one are bonding through play. The unique fun that you create together helps your baby discover the world -- and lets you discover your baby as a person. Lamaze toys are designed in conjunction with Lamaze International, America's leading childbirth and early parenting organization, and Yale University child development specialists Drs. Jerome and Dorothy Singer. The Bright Friends are a collection of bright and colorful toys that feature Lamaze's signature patterns, with lively sounds for lots of playtime fun. This friendly bug features a soft velour body and busy wings with peekaboo mirror, textures, squeaker and crinkles. Also includes clinking rings, tethered ladybug teether and knotted antennae for chewing. Machine washable. Measures approximately 10.5" x 11".

Manufacturer: Learning Curve Toys Intl, Inc.

Happy Family Midge and Baby - Ethnic

Barbie's married adult friend, Midge, gets ready to welcome a new baby. Midge is part of a very happy family with her husband Alan and their first child Ryan. Now there's a new baby girl on the way. Help Midge and her family get ready to care for their new bundle of joy. This Midge and Baby set comes with a handy 3-in-1 crib, table, cradle and lots of other things that a newborn needs. Also includes diaper, crib blanket, baby monitor, baby bottle and baby bottle warmer, baby wipe box with baby wipes, baby powder bottle, shampoo bottle, rattle, bear, receiving blanket and instructions. Midge measures approximately 11.5 inches tall. Alan and Ryan figures sold separately.

Manufacturer: Mattel

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