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Mary-Kate and Ashley: Hawaiian Print "Holiday in the Sun" Fashion Outfits

The hot looks featured in these fashion packs are actually worn by Mary-Kate and Ashley in their hit Warner Brothers video, "Holiday in the Sun". You can recreate your favorite scenes from the video with each trendy outfit. Mix and match your favorite "Holiday in the Sun" outfits to create your own unique look that's double the fun. This outfit pack comes with two outfits and accessories for Mary-Kate and Ashley. Your dolls will be set for some fashionable fun in the sun with these adorable tropical print outfits. Dolls not included.

Manufacturer: Mattel

Rescue Heroes: Mission Select Ariel Flyer

You're in charge: You select the mission on each team member's dial, and the Rescue Heroes Mission Select Team turns up the teamwork. Dial up the excitement with six different missions to choose from -- fire, flood, storm, volcano, earthquake or avalanche. The Rescue Heroes all start talking -- to each other -- about the mission you select. Dial a different mission and their conversation changes. Take to the air on a special rescue mission with Ariel Flyer. Mission Select Ariel Flyer measures approximately 6 inches tall. Requires 2 "AAA" alkaline batteries (included).Other Rescue Heroes team members sold separately.

Manufacturer: Fisher Price

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (PS2)

Be prepared to enter the acrobatic world of martial arts combat. Travel through treacherous 19th Century China in a quest to obtain the fabled 400-year-old Green Destiny Sword. Developed by Genki Co., Ltd., Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon gives you the ability to transcend space, gravity and the limitations of the body. Basically, master similar martial arts magic that was seen in the movie. In a convergence of combat and adventure elements, represent one of three fighters (Li Mu Bai, Jen, Shu Lien) in a series of battles to seek revenge against the sinister Jade Fox. Each warrior is armed with different deadly weapons (including the famed Green Destiny Sword) and an assortment of special moves, all brought to life in incredible fluid animation. Features:Academy Award-winning license: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for PlayStation 2 is based on the same story, characters and locations from the critically acclaimed movie. Three games in one: Play as Li Mu Bai, Shu Lien and Jen, each with their own unique storyline, unique styles of combat and special abilities for action-packed brawls and chases."Matrix-style" martial arts: transcend space, gravity, and the limitations of the body with the same martial arts miracles seen in the movie. Signature fighting mechanics: faithfully recreates the grace and choreography of the movie's fight sequences. Superhuman abilities: defy gravity, run on rooftops and attack enemies with incredible speed and power. Interactive environments: dozens of breakable objects; numerous obstacles to jump, climb and run off; enemy weapons and background elements (ie. sticks) that can be dropped and picked up. Bonuses: unlock special stages, new game modes, extra costumes and more.

Manufacturer: Ubi Soft Entertainment

Pipex Computer Desk Set

This modular storage system holds software, DVDs, video games, CDs and slim cases. The Pipex Desk Set consists of five interlocking pieces of "piping": two 90-Degree pipes, an 18" straight pipe and two joiners. Although it's designed for computer desks, it can be combined with other Pipex sets and arranged into any configuration imaginable. Configure your media storage in a way that best suits your needs, style and taste. The Computer Desk Set comes in a metallic-graphite and holds up to 57 software CDs, 114 slim cases or 38 DVDs. Compatible with all other Pipex sets. Measures approximately 16" in diameter x 27" tall when configured.

Manufacturer: Pipex Systems

Flavas: Sport Liam

What's Your Flava? The Flavas are hot hip-hop themed dolls that encourage girls to express their individuality. Each of the six members in this cutting-edge crew comes packed with attitude and personal style. Every one of the Flava Dolls is a different height and comes with a fun fashion decal, giving girls a creative way to customize their looks. Liam keeps it real with his hip sport styles. Sport Liam doll comes with two fashions, sport display stand, necklace, boom box and more. Liam measures approximately 12 inches tall.

Manufacturer: Mattel

Universal MC2 Racing Adapter

Feel the bumps, crashes and more with vibration feedback on the Universal MC2 Racing Adapter. The Racing Wheel features digital, analog and steering wheel modes. It also has rubberized grips for maximum control, auto centering for improved handling on curves and analog pedals for realistic acceleration and braking. The pedals and shifting paddles have two settings to cover all racing game layouts. There is high, medium and low steering wheel turning sensitivity adjustment control for your preferred racing style.

Manufacturer: Intec, Inc.

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