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WWE Ruthless Aggression Series #7: Chris Jericho 7" Action Figure

Recreate the greatest moments in the ring with Ruthless Aggression WWE action figures. Made with Real Scan technology, these authentic figures feature a stunning likeness of real WWE wrestlers. WWE superstar Chris Jericho is fully articulated, fully poseable and created in Real Scale design. Figure measures approximately 7 inches tall. Collect them all.

Manufacturer: Jakks

Power Deck Protective Gear 3-Pack: Wrist, Elbow and Knee - Medium

Play it safe with the Power Deck Protective Gear 3-Pack. Whether you're on your scooter, skateboard or skates, these high-quality, high-impact elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards are specially designed to help keep you free from injury. Size = children's medium.

Manufacturer: Woo-A-Mart Products, Inc.

Xevoz: Unnatural Skull Jack Battling Figure Kit

Custom build your own unique action figure, then battle it against a friend with Xevoz battling figure kits. The snap-together ball and socket system makes for easy assembly and interchangeability, and promises endless play possibilities. Each 5-inch scale figure comes with an array of Power Parts - the key to battle strategy. You decide which ones to build into your figure. Then build a matching Battle Helix to roll like dice in a battle against your opponent. Combine parts from different Xevoz kits, and try out new figure and Battle Helix designs as your skills and strategy improve. It's a totally new challenge every battle. Each kit contains an unassembled figure, extra figure and game components, decals, accessories and a complete data file. Collect them all.

Manufacturer: Hasbro

Zodiac Girlz: Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)

The Zodiac Girlz are an international group of cosmic best friends with personalities sent straight from the stars. They inspire individuality, creativity and just being the best person you can be. Each of the 9.5 inch fashion dolls has a unique style, accessories and characteristics based on her astrological sign. There's a Zodiac Girl in everyone! Taurus is an earth girl who loves to shop; as one of the Zodiac Girlz, her special power is super-sight, which comes in handy for spying the latest fashions at the mall. Doll measures approximately 9.5 inches tall. Collect them all.

Manufacturer: Integrity Toys, Inc

CUBIX: Robots for Everyone - Race'n Robots (PSX)

Set in the future, CUBIX takes place in Bubble Town where robots are a part of everyday life. The animated series follows the adventures of a boy named Connor and his robot pal, Cubix, along with a cast of both human and robot friends. They embark on adventures as they attempt to repair damaged robots and ward off their evil nemesis, Dr. K. The Race 'N Robots game takes players to Bubble Town's racing championships and areas throughout the land in a heated battle to win the final race and defeat Dr. K's converted racer Kolossal. Players can race as their favorite series character including Brutix, Hop2ix, Don-Don, Diagnostix, and, of course, Cubix himself! For a custom feel, gamers can modify and upgrade their rides by purchasing "Grav-grip" to help maneuver through curves, obtaining the "Zero G-engine" to give racers maximum top speed, fine-tune the color of their racer, and much more. ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)

Manufacturer: 3DO

Wiggles:Top of the Tots

It's showtime with The Wiggles! The chart-topping Aussies star in Top of the Tots, singing and dancing on the bandstand in the hottest variety show in town. And they've invited Captain Feathersword, Henry the Octopus, Wags the Dog and Dorothy the Dinosaur to wiggle along as they meet a fireman, a dentist, an airline pilot and more. Brand-new show stopping music, endless energy and lots of enthusiastic wiggling -- now, that's entertainment! Running time: 45 minutes.

Manufacturer: Entertainment Resources, Inc.

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