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Audio Video Selector (PS2)

This game, audio and video selector eliminates the connecting, disconnecting and reconnecting cables of multiple components. It easily switches to components such as game consoles, TV, VCR, DVDs, tuners and more. Uses standard AV or AV and S-video cables.

Manufacturer: Intec, Inc.

3-in-1 Graco Doll High Chair

The Graco 3-in-1 Doll Neat Seat High Chair looks like the real thing. Little "parents" can feed baby, let her relax or use the chair as a regular seat. The high chair adjusts from high to low and reclines. Features a seat pad to keep baby comfortable as well as a removable tray. For use with baby dolls up to 19 inches long. Baby dolls sold separately. High Chair measures approximately 18" x 12" x 7.5". Note: For use with dolls only.

Manufacturer: Tolly Tots

Defender (GC)

Based on the timeless arcade classic, the next-generation remake of Defender will blow you away with fast and furious space combat action. Fight to defend the solar system and save the human race from alien invasion. Strategize carefully, defend yourself in various ground units and build and expand bases. Take flight in all-new Defender ships. As you battle alien invaders, upgrade with special weapons, shields and other technologies.Features:Fend off aliens on various planets and moons of the solar system including Venus, Mars and EarthCombat alien invaders using two modes: single-player Campaign Mode or two-player Cooperative Campaign ModeChoose from six different types of ships, from heavily-armed bombers to quick, stealthy fighters Upgrade your ship between missions and earn multiple power-ups including shields, advanced weapons, cloaking technology and more Employ special tactical maneuvers such as barrel rolls, 360-degree loops and 360-degree reversals Strategically control ground units by positioning tanks and missile launchers

Manufacturer: Midway

Nintendo GameCube Pro Gamer's Aluminum Case

Get your gaming gear together with the GameCube Pro Gamer's Case. With a solid aluminum design, this sturdy case keeps your GameCube console safe and protected. Also holds controllers, plenty of games and more. GameCube console, controllers and games sold separately.

Manufacturer: Intec, Inc.

Transformers Autobot Logo Car Flag

Palisades presents the world's first Transformers Car Flag. In the world of Transformers, the universally known Autobots logo makes a bold statement. Now the red Autobot logo comes featured on a black car flag. Fully licensed, this two-sided car flag attaches to your car via a 19-inch composite staff that works with any car. Plus, rigorous testing at Palisades Labs proves that these car flags don't get frayed, ripped or torn, even at speeds of up to 85 mph. No permanent mounting hardware required. Flag measures 11" x 15."

Manufacturer: Palisades

Fractal Armor Batman: Batman 5" Figure

Batman abandons the guise of Bruce Wayne by night to become Gotham City's defending hero. Armed with transmission-scrambling sonic discs, he launches a siege against Catwoman's mind-controlling rogue satellite. She wants to control Batman through brainwave-altering subliminal messages. But with his special weapon, Fractal Armor Batman can destroy the satellite's emitter, leaving Catwoman to fend for herself!

Manufacturer: Hasbro

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