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Star Wars Episode II: Anakin Skywalker "Outland Peasant Disguise" Action Figure

Ten years after the fight to save Naboo from invasion, the galaxy is on the brink of civil war. Under the leadership of a renegade Jedi, thousands of solar systems threaten to secede from the Galactic Republic. A courageous Jedi Knight, his impulsive and headstrong apprentice and a queen-turned-senator are drawn into the heart of the conflict and the beginning of war. Under the guidance of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin is assigned to bring Senator Padme Amidala back to Naboo after she escapes another assassination attempt. To conceal his Jedi identity on this important mission, Anakin disguises himself in peasant clothes. The Force is with this action figure: Move his hand over the container and the lid opens. Place his hand on the blaster, and it's attracted to his hand. Includes 4-inch action figure, removable poncho, blaster and storage container. Actual figure and package design may vary slightly from item shown.

Manufacturer: Hasbro Toy

Blue's Clues Toy Chest

Blue is ready to have fun with you! With the Blue's Clues Toy Box, your young child will have the perfect place to store all of his or her toys! Made of solid hardwood, the toy box features colorful Blue's Clues decorations and sturdy construction. Toy Chest measures 25" x 27" x 20-1/2".

Manufacturer: P.j. Toys, Inc

Driver 2 (PSX)

Violence ignites Chicago when a U.S. crime lord's bookkeeper, Pink Lenny, cuts a deal with his greatest rival, a Brazilian gangster. Tanner and his partner, Tobias Jones, go undercover to defuse it. They realize that Lenny's deal, whatever its details, unsettles the balance of power in the crime underworld in the Brazilian's favor. Tanner disrupts the Brazilian's shipments coming in via Havana and tracks down Lenny. The U.S. crime lord, Solomon Caine, is also hunting for Lenny, who's sighted in Vegas. In Vegas Tanner and Tobias Jones use Caine to get to Lenny, and begin working for the crime lord, helping him resist the Brazilian's onslaught. When Lenny is sighted in Rio Tanner and Tobias Jones head out with Caine to capture him from the Brazilian who's still protecting him. Tanner double-crosses Caine and captures Lenny himself, thereby restoring the balance of power and the equilibrium. ESRB Rating: T (Teen)

Manufacturer: GT Interactive

Shrek 2: 6" Dragon Action Figure

Recreate scenes from the Shrek 2 Movie, or set off on your own adventures with everyone's favorite jolly green ogre and his friends. Shrek 2 Action Packed figures measure approximately 6" in height, and each comes complete with their own unique "smelly action" feature.Dragon figure comes with scented Baby Donkey, flapping wings action and launchin' fireball. Approximately 6" tall.

Manufacturer: Hasbro Toy

Strawberry Shortcake Berry Cute Places: Butterfly Surprise with Ginger Snap

Good times never end when you spend time with friends. Take it from Strawberry Shortcake and her berry best friends, who spend all their sweet days in Strawberryland. Explore Ginger Snap's favorite hide-out, a Berry Cute place that closes in the shape of a beautiful butterfly. Comes with a 2.5-inch Ginger Snap doll.

Manufacturer: Bandai of America

Xbox Music Mixer (Xbox)

Get ready to freestyle with Xbox Music Mixer, the ultimate audio/visual experience for the 21st century. Bust out the mic and Karaoke to on-screen lyrics or strip out the vocals from nearly any song in your collections and lay down your own rhythm and rhyme. Once you've perfected your jam, record it to the Xbox hard drive for playback anytime. Add even more power to your party with on-screen image effects, PC to Xbox media sharing, and customized soundtracks.

Manufacturer: Microsoft

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