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Vector 1200 Watt DC to AC Power Inverter

Powers up to 11 AMPS! FEATURES: 1200 Watt Continuous Power 2000 Watt Peak Converts 12 Volt DC to 110 Volt AC Shock-resisting gfci-protected outlets Built-In Voltage and Amperage Meters Three Shock Resistant UL-Listed GFCI Protected Outlets Three North American, U-Ground Outlets. Features High Surge Capability to Start Heavy Loads, Such as Lamps, Motors and Other Inductive Loads Powerful Internal HIGH-SPEED Cooling Fan with High Volume, Vented Housing Lower Power Consumption Ensures Longer Battery Life High Voltage Protection Automatically Turns Unit Off When Overload Protection Automatically Turns Unit Off When Continuous Draw Exceeds 1200 Watts Low Battery Alarm Automatically Sounds When Battery Discharges to 10.6 Volts Low Battery Shutdown Automatically Occurs When Battery Discharges to 10.0 Volts Preventing Damage to Battery Short Circuit Protection Automatically Turns Unit Off When a Short is Detected Electronic Circuit Protection Prevents Damage Due to Overloading or Insufficient Ventilation
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Hella Optilux XP H4 Bulbs Twin Pack

Hella Optilux bulbs are lights with attitude! These street legal bulbs gives you added lighting performance and are designed specifically for stying today's sport compact cars and small trucks. Optilux bulbs give off a super white appearance when lit. Sold in packs of two (2) Hella Optilux Bulb Features: H4 12V 60/55W Xenon gas for enhanced bulb life Violet coated glass Street legal DOT compliant Part #88990
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Laitner 8'' Bi-Level Flo-Thru Wash Brush

This Wash Brush features 8" super soft tip synthetic bristles. Ideal for automotive and other fine finishes. It fits on any standard handle. By Laitner. Super soft bristles are specially selected for their nonscratching and superior water holding properties Clearcoat safe Multi-purposes
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Harley Davidson Vintage Logo 12.75'' x 22.7'' Die-Cut Decals

<----- Click images to enlarge Add your personal style to your vehicle with these very rare Vintage Harley Davidson Decals. Measures: 12.75'' x 22.7''. Available in Orange and White. Each sold separately.
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Video Amplifier

1 in 4 out Video Amplifier.
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Infrared Thermometer

Easy to use: Just point, shoot and read Safe: non-contact measurements keep safe distance betwee you and heat source. LCD backlight Display hold Scan Max temp. Distance to spot ration: 12:1 Emissivity: Preset 0.95 Emmisivity Accuracy: +/-1% of reading or +/-2 degrees Farenheit, whichever is greater Laser: single point Temp range: -25 to 750 Farentheit (-32 to 400 degrees Celsius)
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