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Mobil 1 Synthetic Automatic Transmission Formula

Mobil 1 Synthetic Automatic Transmission Formula (ATF) outperforms all conventional multipurpose ATFs. It provides an outstanding low-temperature fluidity and keeps the transmission clean. Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF also provides excellent gear shifting and protection under severe driving conditions and temperatures as low as 55 degrees below zero. For superior GM Dexron III, Mercon performance in all domestic and imported cars and most automotive truck transmissions.
SKU: oil25201
Category: Mobil 1 High Efficiency Oil Filters

Micro-Jet Self-Starting Mini Torch

The Micro-Jet is a self-starting hand-sized micro torch powered by readily available disposable butane lighters or by the refillable fuel cell which is included with the torch. The pinpoint windproof flame of 2400F is great for electronics, jewelry, small plumbing, camping, crafts. The waterproof Piezo ignition system makes it great for outdoor use and for the tool kit. Features: Piezo electronic ignition system with patented safety lock Powered by Iroda RC-30 fuel cell or similar disposable butane lighter Flame temperature up to 1300?C (2500?F) Compact size for pocket, tool box or survival kit Flame lasts approximately 20 minutes. Lighter not included.
SKU: solmj300
Category: Multi-Function Heat Tool Kit

Pilot Rotating Air Freshener w/LED Lights

This rotating air freshener from Pilot's Cruiz'n? line mounts onto your vents and spins with your fan while freshening your car. The dancing LED lights display over 60 different, dazzling patterns. Refillable air freshener packs give this product a long life. Includes batteries and is ready to light up.
SKU: pilrotairfre
Category: Island Sandals Air Fresheners

Tamper Resistant Torx Bit Set

The Tamper Resistant Torx Bit Set includes seven ?'' hex insert bits with a ?'' drive bit holder. The set includes bit sizes T-10 through T-40. Fits tamper-resistant Torx fasteners found on radio mountings, exterior mirrors, carburetors and other applications. A Product Of Lisle Tool
SKU: lis26000
Category: Hot Products!

3M Imperial Wet or dry Paper Sheets

Designed for light sanding prior to compounding. Sheet size eliminates the need of tearing ? entire sheet can be used. Durable backing resists tearing and wrinkling. Dimensions: 9'' x 11'' Comes in 3 Grades: 1000, 1200, or 1500 5 Sheets Per Pack
SKU: 3mimwepash
Category: New at

Hand Style Multi Purpose Holder

Holder mounts directly to your dash and can hold items such as soda, phones, glasses, and more.
SKU: hanstylmulpu

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