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Pentosin CHF 7.1 Hydraulic Oil (1 Liter)

Pentosin CHF 7.1 is a special hydraulic fluid mineral oil with typical functions, such as level control, shock absorbing, power steering etc. Operates from -40? C up to + 100? C. Its use is especially recommended for vehicles of older construction. Should NOT be mixed with Pentosin CHF 11S or any other hydraulic oil. 1 Liter.
SKU: ch252-0007
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Ichibahn Pack Series Manual Shift Knob

Ichibahn Motorsports caters to the motorsports enthusiast. The Pack Series Manual Shift Knob features 2-piece design with a satin finish. 3 set screw universal mount. Available in brushed aluminum. Visit our Ichibahn Store for more shift knobs and other high quality accessories.
SKU: icpasemashkn
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Autolite Titanium Spark Plug

The new standard in spark plug technology Autolite Titanium Spark Plugs are now available at Auto Barn. This Autolite Titanium spark plug is the first spark plug to combine the proven performance and durability of Platinum with the strength and anti-seizing properties of Titanium. Coated with Titanium, using a patented IONBOND technology, Autolite Titanium Spark Plugs set the higher standard for performance in premium spark plugs. Price is for one spark plug. Titanium-coated threads provide anti-seizing and anti-corrosion Patent-pending design 30% more durable Platinum to Platinum firing for longer life 5 year guarantee   Autolite Titanium Spark Plugs are now available at Auto Barn. NOTE: Price is for (1) spark plug. A 4 cylinder vehicle would require (4) spark plugs. Please adjust your order quantity accordingly.
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Category: NGK Spark Plugs

STP Gas Treatment (8 oz.)

STP Gas Treatment is specially formulated to fight the accumulation of harmful dirt, gum, and varnish deposits and water in the fuel system that can harm performance. Used regularly, STP Gas Treatment cleans dirty carburetors/fuel injectors, reduces deposits, removes water in the fuel system, and fights rust in the fuel system. One bottle treats up to 14 gallons.
SKU: chst-2050
Category: Useful Stuff

Eagle One? A2Z All Wheel Cleaner (26 oz.)

Safely and effectively cleans most wheels on the market today. Eagle One A2Z Wheel Cleaner is safe for all types of metal hubcaps and steel or aluminum allow wheels. Safe finishes include: anodized, clear coated, factory painted and chrome. Do not use A2Z on non-factory painted wheels or motorcyle wheels. 26 oz. spray. By Eagle One. Features: Dissolves brake dust Spray on, hose off Also works on tires Spray it on and hose it off, it?s that simple.
SKU: oil1020626
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PIAA Mini Cooper 02-04 - 510/540 Lamp Series Mounting Kit

Designed to mount 510 or 540 series lamps above the bumper ? rally style
SKU: pimico02510l
Category: PIAA Wiper Blades

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